Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn Arrives Unevenly

Autumn in the northwest is a mixed bag. We were out yesterday driving around in the area. Many of the big leaf maples are in their full, glowing glory. And yet on my street they are just beginning to turn. In my own garden, some trees are coloring up, and some are still green. On the patio, a trident maple bonsai is nearly naked, while the little burning bush has just gone scarlet. This is a messy time of the year. The cedar tree drops old foliage in the fall, and the fall out has begun. It will pile up under the tree, awaiting cleanup. Out in the garden each tree seems to have it's own schedule. The hostas have gone golden, as have other ground covers.
But roses are still blooming, weighted down by the heavy rain we've had the last few days.
The green house is filling up with cuttings and tender plants.
We have begun the big job of fall cleanup. One of the raised beds has rotted out and Tom is replacing the board. As we work through the yard, we dump bins of trimmings on the raised beds, which Tom will turn under to supply compost which rots down over the winter.
We planted tulip bulbs in nursery cans yesterday. They will be sunk into the ground around the yard. Here tulips have to be treated as an annual, since the bulbs don't do well. We pop them out after they bloom in the spring and fill the spots with something else.
The full moon maple in the front yard is now beginning to turn. It is wonderful to look down on it from the upstairs bedroom window.
Yes, autumn arrives unevenly, but it lengthens the beauty of the season.
We will be heading for Whidbey Island Monday for a few days. We have a garden to winterize there too.


  1. I love the variety at this time of year! And you surely see that in your yard and garden. I think it's great that the trees and plants/bushes all have their own timetable for fall! Marvelous photos as always, Linda! Enjoy Whidbey!


  2. I admire your energy and dedication, and your gardens are beautiful!!

  3. Wonderful gardens. I too think the foliage has its own timetable regarding changes so that we can enjoy everything slowly and it makes fall last a little bit longer...I really like your greenhouse, it must be a bright spot around January and February!

  4. Oh, my goodness! What a beautiful garden! I'm so jealous, but way too lazy to work that hard.

  5. Your garden always blows me away, Linda. You should have tour groups wander around your property. I love your little bonsai, too. You guys are amazing!

  6. Yes Fall is a beautiful time and it does stretch out specially if we don't have any rain. You have a lovely garden and yard to surely keep you both plenty busy. thanks for sharing. MB

  7. we've had lots of rain and then so much wind that many of the leaves have fallen
    the ground is very pretty at least

    your garden is incredible!!

  8. You two work together so well, and cover so much "ground' hehe,, anyway,, wow those bonsai's are elegant beautiful specimens..


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