Thursday, October 29, 2009

Colorado Halloween Update

Arachnia, the Spider Witch, made an appearance yesterday at Sherman preschool, where Princess Cinderella Irene was holding court, flaunting her new royal cape. They celebrated early due to school closure for conferences. But today everyone is home, all schools closed here in Fort Morgan, due to SNOW! Really there isn't that much yet, about an inch, but it's 28 and continuing to snow. So, hey, Snow Day! Play day! Pumpkin carving was a success last night. If I figure out how to download here I'll get some pics posted. But right now my technical advisor, Officer Corey, has gone back to bed. The kids are having a cartoon fest in front of the TV, a rare treat for them. Time to go join them.
OK, it's a snowy afternoon, and we've got pics.
Oh, Gramma, it's beautiful!
Eating eyeballs and other delights.
Gramma, will you carve me a princess pumpkin? Having fun. Smiling faces - well, most of them.
The princess pumpkin passed inspection.
Faces aglow, but now outside covered in blowing snow!


  1. have fun with the grand kiddies and enjoy your halloween together. sound like you are.

  2. OH Wow! Those are amazing pumpkins and your grandkids are as adorable as ever, Linda. You're such a fabulous grandma. The cape is perfect.

    Uhhhh... snow?

  3. What a lovely Princess! She must be overjoyed with her precious cape. How fun it must be to be spending Halloween with your family, even if it is snowing. Great pumpkins!

  4. Linda, you and your family are amazing people! Wonderful pictures of your family, and especially wonderfully made pumpkin carvings.

  5. You are such a fun grandma. Do the kids know how lucky they are?


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