Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October On Whidbey Island - Part I

We're back home after three days at the cabin on Sunlight Beach. We winterized the garden and enjoyed some Island Time. It was still foggy over the Sound as we awaited the ferry Monday morning.
After settling in, we got right to work. Tom got mulch from the Langley Waste Water Treatment Plant, using the old pick up truck his cousin keeps there at the family compound. The price was right - free if you do the shoveling.
I trimmed and cut back perennials and pulled weeds. Then Tom laid down the mulch.
There was some sky drama as the sun went down behind Double Bluff.
Tuesday morning the fog hung heavy over the lagoon.
Tom planted bulbs, tucking tulips in and around existing plants.
Then we were off to Freeland to browse for treasures in some antique shops, and have coffee at the Lighthouse Cafe.
It's late, so I'll wait to share more pics in another posting. It looks like I might need to do another Skywatch Friday with some sunset photos over the bay and lagoon.


  1. I especially liked the photo of the fog over the lagoon. It seems almost serene. What gorgeous gardens you have and what a beautiful sight you will find one spring day!

  2. heard you had fog up there...very mysterious and picturesque for photos. looks like fun times.

  3. Ahhhh lovely...
    I can almost feel the dampness. It's all so beautiful.

  4. Spring bulbs...something to look forward to!

  5. Has a nice feel to it Linda.. a nice feel.


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