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Monday, October 12, 2009

Rockaway Beach - Day Two

Good Morning, Moon. Last Tuesday I was up early to catch the sunrise, but it was the moon that greeted me.
Long before the moon set the sun made it up over the Coast Range Mountains and began to light up the beach. The first rays of sunlight on Twin Rocks.
Other early morning beachcombers were more ambitious than I.
The sun at it's low angle made great light and shadow effects. Back at the cabin, Tom had the fire going and wood smoke blended with the fog still hanging over the hills.
Later that morning we drove south to the end of the beach at the Tillamook Bay jetty.
The channel, the bar and the sea beyond were cluttered with fishing boats.
The view looking north back up the beach, with the Twin Rocks a seemingly insignificant bump.
The opposite jetty was lined with feathered fishermen, brown pelicans.
We drove further south a mile or so to the town of Garibaldi, on Tillamook Bay, and the fishing docks.
Crab pots, boat masts, and the "G" on the hillside. That G has been a familiar landmark for as many years as I can remember and before that.
The day ended with another lovely sunset.


  1. wow love your sunset photos well actually all your photos. really makes me want to return to that area.

  2. I am super impressed with all your photos, Linda. I can't even choose a favorite one. Those twin rocks belong in some science fiction novel. Thanks for sharing these shots.

  3. Fantastic photos, Linda! Brought back such lovely memories of a week my family spent at Rockaway. You really outdid yourself with these, they are truy breathtaking! So glad you had such a good time! Makes for lovely memories!

    Have a great week!


  4. I really like each and every photo, with the sun setting maybe a wee bit more! Looks to be a place to unwind, sit a spell, read a good book or just drowse in the sun!

  5. I love the sunrise shots! I'm never up early enough for those. I think the Photo Friday Challenge this week is sunrise. You should enter one of these!

  6. Excellent, excellent shots, Linda. What a lovey area. I think Garibaldi is such a neat little town. MB

  7. Oh! What wonderful shots you got on your trip to the beach. Checked out the earlier post as well, all winners.

  8. Linda..I love these photos. You are a great photographer....!!! Michelle


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