Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Annual Family Apple Squeeze 2009

If it's Columbus Day weekend, it's time for the family to gather for apple cider making. My brother Hank goes east of the mountains and brings back a BIG box of apples, 1000 pounds. Columbus Day is not a school holiday here in Washington, but the Friday before is a non-student day, and my brother, being a teacher, uses the day to go get the apples. It's always a busy time so on any given year family members may be absent, but we always manage to represent four generations. Here part of the crew is using my great grandfather's old cider press.
Hank added a new press this year, so we were really cranking it out.
And then the tasting begins, while the work goes on.
Mother, grandmother, great grandmother Violet sits in the middle of the action, tasting the product for quality control.
Heidi thought it was sour but Katie declared it just right.
The result is about fifty gallons of apple cider to share.
The then it's time for the eating.
A good time was had by all.


  1. what a fun family tradition for multi generations...

  2. This sounds like so much fun. The apples must be cheaper than here. We're paying upwards of $1.24 a pound here. I don't think we could afford to be turning the apples to cider. Sighhhhh...

  3. this is fantastic!!
    1000 pounds of apples, that alone would be something to see
    and it all must smell so wonderful

    Violet is beautiful, she must love watching all the generations

    a beautiful family Linda!!

  4. I have 10 bottles of Martinelli's SPARKLING APPLE CIDER sitting in my fridge. It's my fave beverage!

  5. I am very impressed by your very neat cider pressing operation! How wonderful that you can all come together and share a fun tradition. Love the photo of the "quality control" taster!

  6. what a fun family tradition. Family sharing is so important.

    Hey, come on up to Skagit Valley---the Snow Geese are back. MB

  7. You really know how to harvest! I have wanted to go get cider for a few weeks, Maybe this week I'll finally go. What kind of apples do you use?

  8. I just took photos of apple juice being made the old fashioned way over here too! Unfortunately, it will be quite awhile before I get to those photos on my blog.

  9. I remember this from last year I think. That is so cool. What a great family tradition... Michelle


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