Sunday, October 4, 2009

Odds and Ends

Today the sun is shining here in Seattle and the temp is rising into the low sixties. A lovely October Day. I haven't been outside yet, but will soon. We got off to a late start after being out last night at a family wedding. I just barely got going in time to watch the Seahawks football game a t 10:00. Unfortunately they played the Indianapolis Colts, who ran all over them, and I stopped watching part way through the second half. Fortunately, our soccer team, the Sounders FC, won their match in Columbus last night, defeating them at home and breaking a 22 game winning streak in the Crew stadium. With that win, the Sounders are fairly assured of post season play in their first season. I am an avid fan, and so I had son Jake text me with updates during the wedding ceremony yesterday. I do love technology . This week I completed this little project. Granddaughter Irene has chosen to be Cinderella for Halloween. She already has the costume, complete with gloves, "jewels", glass slippers and a tiara. What to do for the Princess who has everything? So I made her a cape. Later this afternoon we will take the Link light rail downtown again, where we will meet up with Tom's twin sister Jan, her partner Ann, and our son Jake to eat dinner on the waterfront and celebrate the twins' birthdays. Those of you who want to know how old they are may be able to calculate on the knowledge that they attended their 50th high school reunion this summer. Then tomorrow morning Tom and I will be leaving for the Oregon coast for a few days. We'll spend three nights at the little red cabin on Rockaway Beach. The weather promises to be sunny and mild, and I'm looking forward to some strolls on the beach and some prowling through beach towns. I'll see you later.


  1. Fun weekend! And it is beautiful, isn't it? Love the cape and I'm sure she'll be the hit of Halloween!

    Love Rockaway Beach! Have spent some lovely weekends there!



  2. cute cape, doesn't your grand daughter live in colorado=it might be snowing there by oct 31! enjoy your oregon coast get away-wish we lived closer to the sea.

  3. Nice cape, and good idea, too. Enjoy your getaway.

  4. What a lucky little Princess to have a beautiful cape made for her costume. I miss the planning (for weeks it seemed) by the kids for Halloween costumes each year. Have a nice trip!

  5. What a relaxing couple of days...sounds like you could use a little rest! Have fun!

  6. I'm sure your grand-daughter will be delighted and a birthday celebration with a twin must be very special. A friend is on his way from California to Indiana to celebrate 80 with his twin.
    Enjoy the little Red cabin on the beach, we will be off to put our mountain retreat to bed for the winter. The water system will shut down on the 17th and hauling water from the creek long ago lost its alure.


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