Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skywatch - Whidbey Island Sunset

Last Monday was a partly cloudy day, allowing the sun to peek through and color the cloud patterns. Over Deer Lagoon
Over Useless Bay
Double Bluff
For more views of the sky go here.


  1. Hope you are catching up on some R&R after all of your garden work. The sky is so peaceful and serene.

  2. Beautiful pastel sunset.
    I spent some time strolling through your garden below. Every climate has its pluses and minuses but I think I would be content to spend more time at home if I lived in a place where I could have a garden like yours.
    Now my plants are coming out of their heat dormancy for a brief burst of growth before they go dormant again with the cold.

  3. love the pastels and differing clouds of the sunsets. gorgeous...

  4. Ah, we do have the gorgeous skies, don't we, Linda? These from Whidbey are gorgeous, magnificent colors! Hope you had fun!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Awesome cotton candy skies...they just keep getting better as you scroll down the page! Whidbey Island is such a magical place...thanks for sharing such pretty scenes.

  6. This must be why writers write about how the sky looks painted. Absolutely gorgeous colors in your skies, Linda. Wow!

  7. ah...sunset! my favorite time to take pictures! love the changing colors of the skies. My skywatch is up too.

  8. Just found your blog. The photos are very soothing and so different from the tropical environment I was in a few days ago: a Mayan village in Belize.

  9. I thought Monday's sky was spectacular too. Posted some pics also. Tuesday I think it was. MB


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