Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Walk On The Dike

The trail on the dike that rims Deer Lagoon is a beautiful place for a stroll on a sunny day, especially in Autumn. The brush lining the path is rich with texture and color, including red wild rose hips, white snow berry, and blackberry.
I think I take this same photo every year because I love the frame that the madrona tree supplies.
I was mostly alone on this walk, but there are always creatures around.


  1. So wonderful, Linda. I used to love walking in the woods in fall. I can just imagine the crisp, cool air.

  2. Ah, I so enjoyed my "walk" today with you. Lovely place indeed. I like the tree shot as well.

  3. love the colors but I wouldn't walk alone...maybe take a big dog along...

  4. the colors are wonderful!

    and the bunny is adorable, how nice of him to come out and say hi


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