Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Saturday Photography - Juanita Park

Mid afternoon we left Bellevue Botanical gardens and headed further north,s beyond Kirkland, to Juanita Bay Park. This is a wetland area along the shore of north Lake Washington.
The main attraction is the walk along the old railroad right of way, on an elevated boardwalk.
It's lined part way by old poplar trees.
Wetlands are on either side of the walkway.
But it was a mild, dry, partly sunny Saturday afternoon, so we had lots of company, and the wildlife was scarce.
A swan couple promenaded.
The Seattle skyline is off to the west, across the lake.
Cormorants sunned on old pilings.
A few wood ducks were among the other varied waterfowl. I did discover that I might need another lens to zoom farther for bird shots. Oh-oh. These beauties were having a great time, but I think the handler had his hands full.
It was a fun day, but the lowering sun, and my feet, said it was time to head home.


  1. Don't over-do it. I know 10 minutes of steady walking would do me in.

  2. The elevated boardwalk along the old railroad right of way is similar to the Little Miami Bike Trail here made from one also.

  3. Can you believe those dogs? Wow! I knew a woman once who had two Irish setters -- she called them the "setter sisters".... Beautiful dogs, but what a handful.

    Thanks for the Pacific Northwest memories! Looks like a beautiful day there!

  4. It looks lovely, but I agree that it does look cold. I'm sitting here feeling rather too warm and your photos actually cooled me down. Hot cocoa would be nice... and a leg up.

  5. What an absolutely lovely day out and about (she types as the snow still flies!!)

    And I just realized those dogs are Irish Setters. I haven't seem that breed in a while...

  6. what a great habitat...for humans too...


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