Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Morning After

Yesterday I was busy running around. First I made a grocery shopping run to the local Safewway. I had a bit of time after getting everything put away to sit and read before going into Burien for my haircut appointment. Candy, who cuts my hair, was running late so I had to wait. Fortunately Sherry, who cut my hair for about ten years before retiring, was there, and we had a great half hour catching up. When I finally left the beauty shop I rushed home and grabbed a carton of yogurt before heading off to an appointment with my podiatrist. At the last visit, in September, I had a cortisone shot in my heel, but it didn't work. I have just been putting up with heel pain through the holidays, but vowed I would go back to seeking help after the new year. Dr. Greenan clipped my fungal toenails, which is torture, since he has to dig out the corners to prevent them from growing in. A bit of blood is involved. But now it's done and will last for four to six months. He also gave me another cortisone shot and taped my foot. While he was working we talked sports. It helps to distract me from the pain. As he was taping my foot, I asked how long it would stay on. He said probably about 4-5 days, if I keep it dry, so I'm wearing a plastic bag in the shower. He said some people learn do their own taping or have someone do it for them. I'll have to see if Tom can help me. I said it was times like these that I wished I was a professional football player. I could have a trainer do it for me every day. I could get an MRI any time something hurt, instead of a doc saying "Yes, you have arthritis. See ya'." When I got home I had my exercising to do and a half hour on the stationary bike, while short ribs I had started for dinner were braising in the oven. With carrots and potatoes added to the cast iron dutch oven for the last 45 minutes, and teamed with a fresh green salad, it was a yummy winter meal. And winter is it, and all day we were being told that snow was on the way. But the timeline kept getting moved back, and the time when snow would turn to rain kept getting moved up. With many hoping the snow would wait until after the evening commute, and others hoping for a good snow, maybe enough for a school closing in the morning, we were all tuned in to the weather news. It finally started snowing here about 7:00 and snowed lightly but steadily into the night. We looked out to confirm that yes, it was indeed snowing.
When I woke and looked out at 2:30 last night, it had stopped, but the landscape was beautiful, with about two to three inches of snow.
But now it is the morning after. The rains have come, and we now have a fast fading blanket of slush.
It's 45 and raining, a 'yuck' day. School here was an hour late. I guess that's something.
The maple is now adorned with raindrops instead of snow.
Turkey soup is simmering on the stove.
I bought a package of two turkey wings during the holidays and popped them into the freezer just for a day like today. With onion, celery, thyme and sage, the wings will simmer for an hour. Then I'll let it all cool, pick the meat off the bones and make soup for dinner.
The bird count is down today, but the chickadees are still here.


  1. We got no snow, just rain, rain, and more rain.

    I do hope the taping brings you good results for your foot. Foot pain is so annoying because there's no way to work around it, if you're upright you're using your foot.

    I could certainly use some of that food about now, sounds luscious.

  2. I went snowshoeing yesterday before the snow hit. I hear they have closed the Mt. Baker ski area due to avalanche danger this morning! It snowed enough here last night for the county schools to be closed for the day, but by the time I went out at 8:00, the snow had turned to slush and the rain just washed it all away. I'm heading out to see "The King's Speech" this afternoon, finally!

  3. Where to start? First, I'm sure the cortisone shot was brutal. Nothing like a needle in the plantar surface, I always say. But it's done and you're now good as new for the next several months.

    Second, what a busy day you had yesterday. It left me quite exhausted.

    Third, we often have chicken or turkey soup in the winter. Usually I add noodles, but sometimes it's rice.

    Finally, sorry to hear rain ruined the snow. Today we got at least a foot of snow, and I'm hoping it sticks around awhile.

  4. I am so sorry you have to endure all that pain in your foot. Can't be fun. Your toe nails look so short, though. My pedicurist always leaves a margin beyond the skin. Of course, that means I need to have them cut every 6 weeks since they grow so fast.

  5. The snow was lovely for a while, wasn't it? Now it's just a mess everywhere! Glad I got groceries before it got any worse! Sorry about the pain, that's never fun! Hopefully, you'll have some relief for a while! Love your photos! You did catch the pretty part of the snow!!


  6. Ouch! Your foot looks downright painful. I can't even imagine a shot in the foot. I had a cortisone shot in the hand once and thought I would die. I think it might be worse in the foot. I hope it all brings relief.

    Now as far as the other news goes, I loved the updated photos of the yard. I think I'll come over for some of that turkey soup. I love soup days!

  7. I've had foot problems too in the past and my podiatrist advised me to use arch supports in my shoes and not go around barefoot. That worked for years then last fall I noticed my heel hurting again and realized I'd been wearing slippers around with no arch supports so I stayed away from walking for several days and put arch supports in my slippers and my heel is fine again. You might try's no fun to hurt when you walk-I know...

  8. I'm so sorry for the foot pain. I'm wincing just thinking about it.. especially the digging out part. I hope it'll all go away soon.

    Snow is beautiful. I wish it could have lasted a little longer for you. Your meals sounded just scrumptious!

    Nothing, but clouds and rain over here today.

  9. Thanks Lin, but the fact is that I have had plantar faciitis off and on for over twenty years and for that reason I've worn professional grade arch supports for over ten years now, almost never go barefoot, and always wear supportive shoes. This flareup is the result of my breaking the rules and playing barefoot on the beach this summer with my grandchildren. I have been trying to settle it down ever since. The battle continues.

  10. Hope your foot gives you some relief Linda. Liked these night snow pictures.- Dave

  11. Hope the second shot works.

    Nothing is more comforting on a cold raw day than the aroma of a pot of soup cooking on the stove.

  12. You really have been battling this for a while...Ouch...the nail thing really sounds painful....but a good meal would help me..especially if someone else made it and did the clean up...


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