Monday, January 31, 2011

A Walk Around Greenlake

Green Lake is a jewel of a park smack dab in the middle of a big city. Parkland rings the lake and a 2.8 mile walking/biking path encircles it. It is always a busy place, even on a week day, especially when it's sunny in Seattle!
America Wigeons
Canadian Geese
Lots of people were walking lots of dogs. I'm not sure that I saw the same breed twice.
It was about 45 degrees, but this guy needed his kayak workout.
Lovely old trees are remnants of the Olmsted Brothers design for the park.
Joggers and walkers share the left side. The right side is for wheels - bikes and skates.
Gone fishin'
Daffodils are springing up.
Time for a little rest in the sun.
Gnarled old cherry trees shelter a winter garden.
We were tired after making the loop, but it was a good tired.


  1. You are way ahead of us in approaching spring. I checked to see if any bulbs were coming up here when we had our springlike weather, but saw nothing coming up.

    I really enjoyed your photos. Keep them coming.

  2. You are tough to have made that walk with your sore foot.

    I don't think I've known anyone like the two of you who are so replenished by being outside.

    I have to say though that the air in the Pacific Northwest is indeed replenishing. I never tire of the air, sometimes I'm tempted to act like a cat and whiff fresh air along the bottom of the windows.

  3. I'm glad your heel let you get out and enjoy the sunshine.
    I read your post about the financial crisis, I guess I am getting old and cynical, I don't think we will ever change our ways and reading some comments I realize how many just don't get it and never will. When I see how polarized each side has become I can’t help but think "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.” We are all responsible for the mess and we will never solve it if we keep blaming each other.

  4. Greenlake is a great place to walk on a nice day. Here in the north end we walk our neighborhood and end up at our favorite Greek-Italian restaurant for an early bird dinner.

  5. Glorious photos, Linda. Glad to see you've really got the hang of your new camera. I'm not familiar with the names of those birds. I'm always so amazed how you know the names of all the wildlife around you.

  6. Very nice walk. I loved the photo of the gnarled old cherry tree with the sun bursting through. Can't wait for my daffodils to show their green!

  7. A lovely walk. THe park is well used, I can see.

  8. 45 degrees and ground not buried in snow!

    wonderful series of photos
    you and your new camera are clearly getting along :)

    I love the assemblage of wigeons at the lake side
    and all the dogs
    and the gnarled tree is magnificent

  9. Ooohhh! Look at those daffodils! The ducks! The dogs! And oh yes, the sunshine! Going snowshoeing today in the cold sunshine.

  10. Beautiful photos! And you've got green buds, and daffs coming up, and lenten rose.... I guess it's spring in Seattle!

  11. Great pictures as usual! Nice to see what the daffodils look like there. Clearly, Spring is on the way. We love Green Lake and often take that walk when we are in the PNW.

  12. Good ol Green Lake. I grew up around there as did my Mother. My daffs are coming up to as are the Crocus. Very pretty.

    Yes there is an arboretum in Everett. Very small but very interesting. Here is the link:


  13. Thank you for the lovely got me out of the snow here....


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