Monday, January 17, 2011

A Walk Through the Winter Garden

I'll be doing my exercise today on the stationary bike, since I have been out walking the past few days, and don't want to stress my foot too much. So to get my time outside today I took the new camera out for a walk around the yard. I found Tom in the garage workshop finishing a piece of glass art we made as a Christmas gift. We forgot to leave the bottom of the "fountain" open ended to slip over a post, so he added another layer.
Outside I began my tour. I found bulbs emerging from the soil.
Primroses were coming into bloom, but struggling to keep ahead of the slugs. Those darn critters apparently never get too cold to chew.
A garden seat in a mossy bower.
The tree trunk has a blanket of moss.
The path to the Secret Garden has a moss carpet.
Moss adorns the branches.
Hellebore flower heads are emerging. It's time to cut off the old foliage.
Tom will look at this and see things that need pruning. It's about time to start that annual process.
Winter is green here.
Buds are swelling on the red flowering currant.
An early pulmonaria.
Fat buds are emerging in the hydrangeas.
And tiny leaves on the dwarf barberry.
Sarcococca blooms.
In the last two days the Witch Hazel has opened up.
Ivory Prince Hellebore seems to be coming back strong.
Snowdrops are ready to pop.
A viburnum cluster is confused. It's way too early for it.
Candy tuft has been blooming all winter.
Moss creeps everywhere. You gotta' keep moving or it will grow between your toes.


  1. This was an absolute feast for the eyes. Your gardens, shrubs, and plants are wonderful. You have so many plants that I really would never recognize, and have not really heard of before. I've always lived in the mountain west or in the high mountain plains.

    Spring is on its way in your part of the country.

    Please update us on the progress of all the plants in the future. I find it fascinating to see a growing cycle that is do different from the one I am familiar with.

    I think you've already got it down on your camera learning process. The photos look great.

  2. First off, I LOVE your header photo! All the photos on this post were fantastic.

    But, you're getting spring growth? Did you have any sort of winter? We didn't have this sort of spring sprouts until April in Illinois. When is your winter? No wonder everybody wants to move to Seattle!

    By the way, Tom's garage workshop is amazing. Everything is so well-organized. I LOVE it!

  3. This is what is meant my a 'temperate' climate. Here on the west side of the Cascade Mountains, our weather is influenced by the Pacific Ocean. The closer we are to salt water, the more moderate the weather. Here in greater Seattle we live on Puget Sound, a vast inland sea of salt water.
    That means we don't get extremes of heat or cold. It almost never reaches 100 in the summer, and temps in the teens are very rare.
    This year we had a Acrtic blast before Thanksgiving with a low of 14 one night. Temps stayed below freezing for most of a week and we had snow and ice. That was very unusual.
    In December we had another cold spell with lows in the 20s. But in between it warms up. Yesterday it was 55, today in the upper 40's. And the rain has let up.
    On the other hand, that tease of spring can be a long time coming to fruition, if we get a cold, wet spring.

  4. The moss is enough to make me live here. I never tire of it and the lichen.

    I also noticed how organized Tom was in his workshop.

    The camera seems to be doing a splendid job with your pictures and I enjoyed the tour of your garden.

  5. Yes, that header photo is amazing. All of them, actually, and I guess you're taking them with the new camera? You must be pleased with it, since all these pictures are outstanding!

  6. you have a lovely garden and how fun to see spring getting ready to pop out so early..

  7. Lovely photos Linda. With your spring-flowering plants budding up it makes me think that our summer must be nearly over! It will be nice to get cooler weather again though. Tonight we are supposed to get temperatures about 20C (68F) which is too warm for sleeping! - Dave

  8. It's amazing what grows and blooms despite the cold weather!

  9. I came over from DJan's you have me yearning for spring! Your photos are lovely and the glass art work...a beautiful creation!


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