Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Photography

Today was photography day.
We began by attending a Nikon class at Lincoln Square in Bellevue. We were to meet in a conference room on the second floor, near The Lucky Strike, a bowling alley. This is not your typical bowling alley.
I'm glad I had spent time playing with the new camera, because the class was fast and would have been overwhelming otherwise. It turned out to be only 90 minutes, but I guess you can't expect too much for "free".
Our intent was to cross the sky bridge over to Bellevue Square, a large shopping mall, to find lunch. But first we explored our surroundings a bit, and of course, everything seemed suited to photography.
The escalators
Wall art
A bar sign
And then we came to the atrium entrance to the sky bridge, and found a two story waterfall on the right, and a three tier Dale Chihuly chandelier over the door!
The water falls on glass from here...
to here.
And the Chihuly glass is amazing.
Remember, you can click to enlarge. I encourage it so you can get the full effect of color and form.
After lunch we headed outdoors, into the sunshine, to take more photos. But that will have to be another chapter.....or two.


  1. Well... I can sure see that your Nikon works absolutely perfectly! You have such an artistic eye, Linda. I love the Chihuly glass. I remember seeing some in Seattle and was really impressed. He also had an exhibition in Chicago a while back. You've really caught the beauty of his sculptures in your photos.

  2. Lovely photos! And all that glass is so colorful and brilliant. I wonder what his process was to make such awesome art.

  3. I've seen that same glass, Linda. It's really lovely, and your camera (and your camera eye) do seem to be working perfectly. And this was all BEFORE the class. They probably didn't teach you much, or am I wrong?

  4. isn't photography fun? it helps you see your world more closely. Caryn and I had a field trip Friday and I took enough photos for three days of blogging! great photos.

  5. Very interesting. I can only imagine how lovely your garden pictures will be this spring.

  6. Loved your photos. I love Chihuly glass. Isn't it just amazing? Thanks for sharing.

    You are really making some progress with that new camera.

  7. the class might have moved fast but sure seem comfy with your Nikon!!
    love every shot
    and you're capturing different shades of light so wonderfully
    and keep sharing

    Hope sends hugs
    and says thanks for rooting
    for the green :)

  8. Cool pictures...I have seen the Chihuly glass in person and it is just gorgeous!!! super photos of it!!!

  9. Very colorful and lively post Linda!,,

  10. Those colourful glass shapes look wonderful Linda. Good photography from you too! - Dave

  11. Linda, That Chihuly glass IS magnificent! And your photos are no less.
    This has me pumped for looking for a similar type class for us. And on top of all that, you also got SUNSHINE!!

  12. Sunshine? I didn't think you got any of that in Seattle.
    That glass is beautiful when enlarged and viewed close up. In the distant views it looks a bit like a nest of snakes or worms.

  13. captures colors beautifully.. I know you are going to be posting some great photos with it .. Michelle


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