Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography Saturday - Bellevue Botanical garden

Last Saturday, after our photography class, and lunch at Bellevue Square, we headed east to the Bellevue Botanical Garden to practice more shots. The garden lent itself to landscape and macro modes.
Colorful stems.
Tom used our point and shoot Canon, which I usually am loathe to share, to train his camera eye.
Hellebores were in bloom.
Drama in foliage.
Seed heads supply wonderful texture.
Witch hazel.
My wet knee is proof that I bow down to flowers.
Winter garden and city skyline
This garden has just been redone and has yet to fill in. We'll enjoy watching it mature.


  1. Love the textures. Especially the lichen and the bee.

  2. Beautiful shots Linda. I would love to take a class....maybe some day when time permits.

  3. great shots, love the dried weeds...and bees already?

  4. Glad you are enjoying your new toy. The photos you've taken so far are excellent, Linda. Why don't you try your hand at portraits? It could develop into a side business, who knows?

  5. Fabulous shots. That first one has beautiful fall colors in it, I love the last one, too. There is a word for the blurry background technique, but I can't find it. Do you know what it is?

  6. Linda,
    I love the variety in all the photos such as the seed pods and the variegated leaves. You really have some nice shots...It's hard to imagine bees out somewhere in the world :)

  7. Beautiful photos! Have you visited Butchart Gardens in Victoria? Your new camera would get another great workout there.

  8. You are really making some great progress with that new camera.

  9. I just loved looking at all your gorgeous photos! Looks like you've really gotten the hang of your new camera. Tom is also doing great with yours. Amazingly, spring appears to be around the corner for you.

  10. Good shots Linda. I specially liked the view with the field on the right - Dave

  11. This is a place I'd be spending a lot of time if I lived out there! So wonderful that you've got stuff blooming already.
    Great use of your macro lenses. I aspire to be almost as proficient with my new camera as you are!

  12. Oh, you are taking a class too? I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I'm enjoying mine!


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