Monday, August 1, 2011

At The Beach

 Last Monday we headed south to the Oregon Coast, with the family cabin at Rockaway Beach our destination.

We made stops along the way.  In Seaside the Gibsons went to the aquarium while we strolled the promenade.

In Canon Beach we found the candy store and the ice cream shop.
The kids watched salt water taffy being made.  This batch was peanut butter, and fresh from the candy man, it was delicious!  Free samples.
At last we were on the beach!

Tom and I rented a small cottage unit just two doors from the cabin, where each morning I prepared my own breakfast and then went out for a walk before anyone was stirring at the cabin.

During the day we played and ate and read and sat.
One evening we hooked up with a local sports bar/family dining place in town to stream a Sounders game while we dined.

 Most days ended with sunsets and beach fires.
 Most mornings included donuts from the Garibaldi bakery.

 There was the required visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  This time I passed on the ice cream.
 And more beach fires and s'mores.

 Isaac talked his parents into a train ride on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad.  I caught them as they passed the cabin.
 Late Thursday afternoon Jake joined us.
 Then it was time for serious damming of the creek.

 Saturday morning the low tide was late enough, 7:00 AM, that we could make to Hug Point State Park while the tide was low.
 This is an old road bed that was used long ago, before the coast highway cut through the headlands.  It was usable only at low tide.  Picture Model T's out here, and ladies in big hats.

 Beware the cave monsters!

 This is a geologically rich area, and beautiful!

 Corey was in heaven snapping photos everywhere.

 The weather at the beach had been sunny but with a cold wind blowing.  Saturday was calm, but I am told by this crew of wave jumpers that the water was very cold!

 On Sunday morning we all pitched in to pack up and clean up the cabin.  Then we headed inland, over the coast mountains, to Vernonia, Oregon, where my sister Ilene lives.  There she hosted our annual family reunion.

My mother's brother, my Uncle Don and Aunt Jeanne, joined us.
 We had lots of good food and good talk.  Then some of us took a shady walk.

 While others went to the river to catch crawdads.

Girl cousins.
And the whole gang us us.  A few are related to us through my dad, but all the rest are related to my mother.  Most are her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren.
We're at home today, doing laundry, catching up with yard and mail and bill paying.  Tomorrow we're heading to Whidbey Island for a few days.

On the road again, and another beach.


  1. What fabulous pictures! Your family is so beautiful, it's amazing. I remember seeing those rock formations in the water from earlier visits. And that picture of the girl cousins is just wonderful. It also shows how much weight you've lost... your grandkids are so special, Linda, thank you so much for sharing this trip with me!

  2. what a fun family summer you are having-gorgeous photos of the beach-makes me want to be there...

  3. Great pictures Linda, I particularly loved your family by the bonfire but enjoyed all of them. We stayed in Cannon Beach and remember those beautiful rocks and the beaches there. Fantastic coastline.

  4. Great photos of a wonderful time and one you can enjoy again and again through your photos! I've spent some wonderful holidays with my family at Rockaway Beach, your pictures brought back lots of lovely memories! Enjoy!


  5. Your photography, and the subjects you photograph, are equally amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow! What a change Linda. Your hard work is paying off, you look great.

    I'm curious to know how Jennifer takes care of her hair. It must be an amazing process.

  7. the sky is amazing in every shot, misty and silvery and dramatic

    your family is beautiful!!

  8. Such interesting places you have to visit, Linda. Lovely photos of beach and family!

  9. Linda, you lucky duck! You have such a gorgeous family. Your kids and grandkids are really strikingly beautiful and you've gotten so skinny! I can't get over how amazing your photos are! I mean it! That beach photo with the kids should be enlarged, framed, displayed and published in a magazine! Wow!

  10. I have returned to your blog today and noticed some extra photos that I don't recall seeing before. Very nice. You have a beautiful family, Linda.


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