Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Celebration

This is the first year in a long time that I have been able to celebrate Jill's birthday with her.  I wanted to make it special.

On Friday Irene painted a picture for her Mom while Isaac made a card on the computer, using an old photo of Jill.

 Then we decorated.

On Saturday I prepped the food.

This morning before my sister-in-law Jan and Jill and family arrived, I set up the cupcake tower, using cake plates and cake stands and a crystal vase.
Do you see Josy peaking through the patio door?

When everyone arrived we all piled into the van for the drive to the flagship REI store in Seattle.  When the kids saw the climbing rock, they thought it would be fun to try.  Amazingly enough, you only have to be three feet tall to do this, and the wait was short. 
 Isaac got the hang of it quickly.  Before we knew it he was at the top!
 He rang the bell and looked back down at us!
 With the help of the attendant working the ropes, he got down safely, and then it was Irene's turn.
 She discovered it was HARD!  But she gave it a good try.  And it was a pretty far reach between holds for someone that little.
 Jill says her kids stole the show on her birthday, but not really, because then it was time for serious shopping.  I went around with her, carrying the basket until I had to switch to a cart.  She got a good haul, funded by her aunt Jan, her Mom and Dad, a gift card she had, and cash she as carrying.  It doesn't take a very big bag to hold $500 worth of gear when you shop at REI.

Back at the house I finished up the homemade turkey soup and we got out the trays of fixings for deli sandwiches with fruit and chips that Tom and I had ready to go.  Irene had a colorful plate.
 We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and good visiting.  

After lunch, Isaac and Irene and Corey played with their phones - well the kids don't have fancy phones but their mom and aunt do.

Jill loved her painting and her card from the kids.  Then it was time for dessert.  Jill blew out the candles on her birthday cherry pie.

There was more eating and more visiting, and more phone action.  but now Jill and Jan are looking up tide charts and calendars and planning events.  Tom and I got the clean up done and sat around and visited some more, while the kids played and Corey took a nap.
Now it's evening, the day is done,  and  Tom and I are resting.


  1. Just as I expected, another wonderful Reeder day. That little Irene tickles me, that little hand on her hip, ever the defiant one, nobody is leaving her out of anything. When she has an opinion she voices it. I see she's still sticking with her peacock feathers. What fun. What wonderful memories.

  2. there looked to be ears coming out of the kitchen table

  3. What a fine birthday celebration! The decorations were awesome, and the food exceptional. I love the pictures of the climbing wall adventures, too!

  4. Looks like a well planned colorful birthday celebration...

  5. What a great day and a lovely birthday! It does look as though everyone had a wonderful time! Great way to begin a new week! Thanks for sharing the fun, your photos are delightful as always, Linda!


  6. It was a great spoil-me-rotten day. And lunch was very yummy!


  8. It looks like we have birthday babies about the same age. My March baby is just a year younger than yours. It looks like you celebrated her and her special day in style. I'm so glad she was there with you for the celebration.

  9. Jill looks like a teenager!

    I love the dining room, how pretty the decorations are and Josy is hilarious, all you see are her ears in full questioning mode

    Happy Birthday Jill and hugs to all
    what a wonderful family Linda

  10. Sounds like you had a perfect day. I would love to take my granddaughters to the REI climbing wall. I'll have to find out if they have one at the REI in Texas.

  11. You Reeders know how to have some quality family time....

  12. It looks like Jill had a great birthday. I can tell how much you are enjoying having your family close.

  13. What a wonderful, happy birthday Jill had. You and Tom are such fabulous party planners. REI is one of our favorite stores.

    Happy Birthday, Jill!


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