Friday, March 9, 2012

Taking It Easy

We went out for our usual Friday With Friends Breakfast, and had a pleasant visit on various and assorted topics.  We often comment of how convoluted the stream of conversation is, with one never knowing what each will grasp as a segue to another topic.

We got back home and took advantage of the fact that the rain was still a few hours off. Tom got out to finish some yard clean up, working through the pile of prunings he had created yesterday.  I picked a few flowers for the house, a couple of mini-bouquets.  And then I went out for a four mile walk.

When I got back home I found a special green box on the doorstep. Our young friend Tad had delivered our Sounders season tickets and new scarves!

 Now I'm good to go!
 I even changed my profile pic on Facebook.

But since then I haven't accomplished much.  I have read some of the paper, had a leisurely lunch, checked to see if Comcast had any movies I might want to watch tonight, since my usual programming is in re-runs, and put together a book order for Tom and the kids from Amazon.

I'm liking not having a to-do list today.  

I don't think I'll get as lazy as Josy though.  Her to-do list always includes napping, often in the den closet on a box of pillow and quilt batting.  She has a soft life.


  1. Nice you were able to get out and walk today. And, yes, Jake's cat is loving your warm home.

  2. I wonder if I am very, very good could I come back as a cot in the next life.

  3. Nice picture! I'll check it out on Facebook. I think we are friends there, right? Yes, I'm sure of it.

    Everybody needs a day when they do very little. You are usually so busy, so I applaud you for taking a day off! :-)

  4. sounds like a catchup day but you got in a long walk-good for you!

  5. sounds like a catchup day but you got in a long walk-good for you!

  6. NIce photo of you?? Love the cat. I came here from GigiHawaii's blog. Dianne

  7. Your easy day is a busy day for me. I love the photo with all your new team colors.

    My bulbs are just coming up. Now flowers for bouquets here yet.

  8. You look great Linda...!! beautiful actually!!!

  9. Great photo for your Facebook page! :-) I'd love a life like Josy. Sounds restful!


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