Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting Ready for a Birthday Party

March 4th is our daughter Jill's birthday.  This year she will be 39!  I don't know if she'll want to celebrate her next one, but for now we're getting ready to party!
Friday I picked the kids up from school for early release and we went to Party City and Micheal's for party goods.  Back at the house, Isaac made a card on the computer and Irene painted a picture for her mom.  

Photos will have to wait.  We need to keep secrets.

Then we decorated the dining room with Grandpa's help.

Today I baked pies and cupcakes, got the table set up, and made sure everything was ready for Sunday.  

For her birthday gifts, Jill has requested that we all join her at REI, the outdoor store, to help her replace some of the gear she'll be needing as she continues to take classes with The Mountaineers.   Then we'll all come back here to our house for a deli style lunch and birthday desserts.  Jill's favorite is cherry pie.

I think we're set.  

Along with party prep, I did some sewing requests for my guys.  Corey needed two pair of pants hemmed for his new uniform.  He has been in training and will be ready Monday to start on the job as a Metro Security Officer.  

Jake needed a patch sewn on to his supporter group soccer scarf.  That was an easy job.

I even got in a four mile walk today, but then I blew it by going to Red Robin for dinner.  The bacon cheese burger with fries was wonderful!

I'll work on the diet after the weekend.


  1. It would be a wonderful birthday for me to visit REI with my gift givers! I would be in heaven...

    Happy birthday to Jill and her fantastic family, including my good friend Linda! :-)

  2. every once in a while a burger and fries are called! Lovely family photo. i'd love to be 39 again but knowing what I know now, I'd do things differently...

  3. I'm looking forward to pictures of the latest Reeder party.

    Linda, you're entering the hardest time of all in your weight loss. Keeping it off is much harder than losing it. I gained about 10 pounds of mine back before It dawned on me what was happening. I've been fighting for months to get it off again. I think the problem is I'm no longer focused on weight loss. You have to stay focused to lose weight. I'm no longer adding weight but neither am I losing weight.

  4. I can't wait to see the response from your daughter at all the efforts to have a wonderful party...your family is beautiful Linda~ I know you are proud!

  5. This is such a gorgeous family portrait! They are all so attractive.

    Linda, you get more done in a day than most people get done in a week.

  6. it is a beautiful portrait and what a great party you are planning...

  7. Happy Birthday to Jill, I loved the family portrait. Gregg and I love to go to REI's. It's a store that is great to browse around even when you don't buy anything.

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