Thursday, March 1, 2012

From the Skagit Valley to Whidbey Island

Looking for more birding opportunities, and just wanting to explore, we headed north of the Skagit valley to Padilla Bay.

 There wasn't much bird action.

 But eagles did soar overhead.
 I love the red twigs of the blueberries against the mountains and blue sky.  
 And suddenly, around a bend, we saw a whole tree full of eagles!

 How would you like to have this in your back yard?  You might need to keep your pets indoors.

 This goose was obviously a domestic, and a guard goose at that.  He kept up a steady warning as long as we were near.  We were actually trespassing, checking out this boat moorage in a slew.
 I don't think we'd ever been to the little town of Edison before.  It's quite charming.  It being a Monday, 'treasure' shops were closed, but we did buy some cookies at this bakery.  The artisan breads looked wonderful!
 In the even smaller village of Bow we found this creamery and stopped to taste some cheese.

 We bought some nine year aged Gouda, as costly as gold, but much tastier.

I said hello to the girls.

 As I stood there taking photos, an immature eagle landed in a tree over my head.
 Moving on, we headed across the slew to Fidalgo Island, then across Deception Pass to Whidbey Island.  We made a short stop at the historic town of Coupeville to browse and take in the view.

 We arrived at the Whidbey cabin before sunset, as the late afternoon sun lit up the back of the lagoon.
 The garden looked good.
 We watched the sun set over Useless bay before heading out for dinner.  
 Can you see Mt Rainier in the misty clouds?

It was a great day.


  1. I have never seen so many eagles in one spot...holy cow! Loved the pictures...especially the boats in the bay and the mountain!

  2. Interesting day. Love your photography, Linda.

  3. You were in MY neck of the wood, Linda. I think Edison is a very cool town, and I'm currently favoring the Breadfarm break over the Great Harvest, because they make a wheat-free and sugar-free 100% rye bread, made with Tonasket rye. It's hard as a rock and really good!

    That eagle tree is so cool, and what can I say about the beautiful pictures, other than they are simply fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Aren't we blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest? It's so beautiful and interesting. I was amazed at that tree full of eagles. I thought eagles were territoral. You should frame the picture of the red blueberry twigs, mountains and blue skies.

  5. Quite a jam-packed adventure! Beautiful photos. Enjoyed it greatly!

  6. Yes, that looks like a great day. I loved the photos of the eagles.

  7. Beautiful pictures. I hope that this spring we will be able to take our little RV on a trip north. There's not a more beautiful area on a day that'snot raining!

  8. Beautiful blue sky and oh my all those eagles....

  9. You live in such an amazing area, Linda. Looking at your photos always make me want to go back.

  10. I loved these posts showcasing the natural beauty of your part of our world. You almost make me wish that I lived in the Northwest. Not quite, though, because I can grow citrus here and I couldn't there.


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