Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Tis The Season - Again! Go Sounders!

 Unlike last year, when we kicked off the soccer season in the rain and the cold, with Jake in the hospital, last night we just had the cold, with a nearly full moon in a clear sky, and a healthy Jake setting up tifo with the Emerald City Supporters.  And Jill was there too.

While the MLS season opener isn't until next Saturday, last night was the first leg of a two game aggregate in the quarter finals of the CONCACAF Champions League.  This is a competition that includes all club teams in North and Central America, and serves as the qualifier system for the club level World Cup.  The Sounders qualified for this competition with wins last season.

Last night we played the first of two games against Santos Laguna of Mexico.  We were among the 23,400 fans eager to get back to the stadium for another season of soccer.

I've got a lot of layers under my now way too big team sweatshirt.

After the March to the Match, we were greeted by Sound Wave.

 Jill texted us to look for her waving the big ECS flag. Her long hair makes it easier to spot her through the macro zoomed camera lens from across the stadium.
 Jake was no doubt orchestrating the tifo display.
 The result was a good one, 2-1 over Santos Laguna.  The second leg will be played in Mexico next Wednesday.  We'll be watching on TV.

After the match, lots of happy Sounders fans, and some not as happy Santos fans flooded into the city.

 Sound Wave played us out.
Here's a sample.

The almost full moon was rising over the stadium as we headed for the light rail.

It's good to be back!


  1. Your photos caught the joy and glory! Halleluia! Lol.

  2. I don't know anything about soccer but enjoy watching you and your family's excitement for the game through the photos you post. Best wishes for the season.

  3. It must have been very exciting! You looked great in your colors Linda, and I loved all the photos.

  4. I'm amazed at the following the Sounders have. I hope they realize what great fans they have in you and your family.

  5. I will cheer then on guys deserve to win..look at the loyal fans..

  6. My Linda, you all sure know how to get wound up with your sport! - Dave

  7. Has it really been a year? I remember when I first learned about the Sounders, from you. I'm looking forward to this year's excitement, and I know I won't miss a bit because of your blog. Go Sounders! :-)

  8. I can just feel the excitement and fun in your post! Fabulous photos, Linda!


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