Saturday, March 10, 2012

The First Plant Sale, and a Walk in a Garden

We put on our rain gear and headed out this morning for the first plant sale of the season, the Northwest Perennial Alliance March Mania Plant Sale at the Bellevue Botanical Garden.   

Rain doesn't stop serious gardeners who are chomping at the bit for spring to arrive.

 Yep.  We bought some.
 And then we spent some time in the garden.  

Much of the garden has been undergoing renovation, and it seems that deer and other munchers have newly discovered the tender new plants.  Various methods are being tried to protect plantings.
 It' hellebore time.
 A well designed garden has color and interest year round, even without flowers.
 Of course flowers help!

 The Yao garden.

Now we need a break in the weather so we can plant our new plants.  Maybe in a week or so?


  1. That garden looks pretty in spite of the deer. It's fun to see how eager you are to get out in your garden. We all get to enjoy the fruits/flowers of your labor as we move into spring and summer.

  2. too bad the deer like to eat your flowers...

  3. the gardens are lovely Linda...the deer keep me from doing beatuiful things in my garden. I use to have such lovely flowers in Ohio and desired the same for here in NC but we have so many deer and I've spent so much money only to have the deer eat it all away.

  4. I could look and dream about these pictures for a long time! My husband is my "gardener." For years he put out over a thousand flowers. We lived "on campus" of a ministry and the grounds were beautiful. Now we just have our home to do and I can hardly wait each year for him to get started. He would love seeing this garden.

  5. Nice garden! There are at least two gardens here on Oahu: Foster Garden and the one in Wahiawa. It's time for me to pay them a visit.

  6. I am amazed at the number of flowers in bloom in the garden. We are just getting started here, and we are only a hundred miles north. Beautiful pictures, Linda.

  7. So nice to see all the things that are blooming already! Can't wait to get home and get my hands in the dirt! Lovely pictures as always.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Linda! You have such a profusion of lovely plants. The only thing we have in common outside our house right now is the RAIN!

  9. so many wonderful colors!
    and lush green too
    beautiful photos Linda

  10. I will take any one of those gardens although I really love yours...


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