Monday, March 26, 2012

A Weekend For Gardening

Finally we had a dry, warmer weekend, a great opportunity to get outside and get the final clean up done.

That means clipping off all of the sword ferns.  We have a lot of them!  I also got pretty ruthless with the Oregon Grape that was encroaching on the pathways.

 All of this green stuff was then put through the chipper/shredder and put back down as mulch.
 Last Thursday we had an arborist tree service come in and take down the madrona trees that had been ruined by the ice storm and were hanging over the back fence.  Tom still has some splitting to do and then we'll stack the fire wood.

 Tom also got the juniper hedge trimmed along the driveway.  The yard waste bags were picked up this morning.
 The tree service also cleaned up a few limbs in the fir trees, including the "widow maker" that was hanging up here.
One of the joys of working in the garden in early spring, is the chance to get up close and personal with the lovely little ephemerals emerging from the soil.  This is a corydalis.
 All of the trillium clumps are now up and blooming.  Also known as "Wake Robin", they herald the arrival of spring.
 The last thing I did yesterday was crawl around, picking up the fir cones and small debris.  More time to enjoy the beauty close up.
We're stiff and sore this morning, but we feel great about all we got done.  Spring?  Bring it on, even in the rain.


  1. I just love this, Linda! I can really feel spring on your blog. It's really fabulous how you reuse all your yard waste.

  2. Too much work for me! Lol. You have a lot of energy.

  3. That does look like a dose of spring. Spring is almost too subtle too notice in FL (having 2 seasons--wet and dry) and generally non-existent in VT (having four seasons--fall, winter, mud and mosquito).

  4. This post was wonderful and I have no place to garden! Are those primroses that return on their own? Makes me want to go over and scratch around in son's yard.

  5. It was indeed a weekend to enjoy! I really loved all the sun, and if I had a garden, I would have been there, too. Beautiful pictures, as usual. :-)

  6. That's a lot of work! Your garden is definitely beginning to look like spring.
    After a nice start to spring, winter has returned for an encore. The apricot objects and looks like it has a fungus or bacterial rot. The tomato seedlings are ready for the garden but it is too cold. I am hoping that next week spring will come to stay.

  7. you live is such a lush area-just beautiful!

  8. Your hard work brings beautiful results!

  9. Good for you that you got an arborist and not just some guy with a chainsaw....I really have to find some native ferns and plant them here in the shady spots..


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