Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Day With the Grand Kids

As the renovations continue, it makes providing child care more of a challenge.  Fortunately the weather continues to be mild and dry, so we can be outside much of the time.

Today the fireplace was finished and the floor crew came and removed the carpeting, nailing strips, and the parquet floors.  It was noisy and dusty.  I took the kids to the Cedar River Trail for a bike ride while I walked.

 The push has been on to have Irene learn to ride without training wheels, so she was outfitted recently with pink elbow and knee pads.  She did ride with her dad without the training wheels yesterday, but for today we had them back on so she could just take off and have fun.
 And have fun they did!
 I love this sign on a dirt track by the river.
In other words, no point in going there.

We returned home for a late lunch, which we ate on the patio, wearing light jackets.  Shortly after, the noisy crew finished and left us in peace.  The kids played in the playhouse for a long time.  I interrupted them to make a pie.

I picked a few blackberries along the trail while the kids played, just enough for a little rustic pie. I had Isaac do the crust, measuring the flour, butter and water into the food processor and pulsing it just so.

Irene prepared the fruit, adding sugar, a bit of flour and cinnamon.  Then she helped roll the dough, heap the berries in the middle and fold over the dough, leaving a hole at the top.  Isaac set the oven.  

The kids played more in the playhouse and the "office" in the garage until Jill finally arrived about 4:45, after a long day of meetings.

I'm not sure what they managed to prepare for dinner, but they had pie for dessert.


  1. You are the best grandma ever.

  2. I would find all that dust from the renovation daunting. Good that you took a break with the grandkids. It's fun to eat what you yourself prepared, isn't it. Glad everyone had a fun time today.

  3. Grandma has the best job in the world. I love playing with the grandchildren too. Cooking together is our favorite activity. I wish we had a nearby place to pick fruit.

  4. I read somewhere that the whole idea of training wheels is being rethought. It won't be long now before she doesn't have them at all. Of course her elbow pads would be pink. Looking spiffy is important! :-)

  5. I am glad the weather is good so you can get away from the remodel fuss. It looks like a wonderful time along the river. I think your grand kids won some kind of lottery of life in getting you for their gram!

  6. Ditto what Olga said. What a wonderful day you all had.

  7. I agree with Linda. You are the best grandma ever! Your grandkids are so lucky! That pie sounds scrumptious!

  8. What a lovely day you gave Isaac and Irene. How lucky Jill is to have her children kept safe and entertained. And the renovation: I know the stress and the dust. I hope it's finished soon and your home is put back together.

  9. How much fun..and so nice that they live close now..

  10. A bit of a glare that girl is giving you, lol. How fun.

    Kathy M.


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