Monday, August 20, 2012

The Renovation Project Has Begun

Yesterday Jill and her "crew" arrived to help move the furniture out of the downstairs.

 Isaac hates to be photographed, but allowed this as long as he could ham it up.
 Irene did not come dressed for the job, but got recruited anyway.  She'd really rather not work.
 Isaac liked the resultant nest in the garage.
 And Irene immediately set up her "office".  Pretend work is just fine as long as she can make the rules.  They stayed with us today while Jill went back to work, and they did spend quite a bit of time here.  I even used the nest to finish my book this morning.
 The house looks bare, but also very spacious.  Maybe I shouldn't put everything back?  We have cleared everything out while we had our crew.  The floor work begins Thursday. We do have very limited seating for the evenings though, and those evenings are getting noticeably darker.
 Right on time at 9:00 this morning the contractor crew arrived to begin work.
 They got the old "can" out this morning.
And this afternoon they installed the new one.

Now we await inspection before the finishing can be done.  We hope to have inspection in the morning.

Meanwhile, the cat has fled the scene.  It's dark and so far she hasn't shown up.  Hopefully she'll check in by bed time.  Here, Kitty-kitty-kitty.
Josy just reported in.  She's checking out the house to see if it's safe.


  1. Glad to know Josy checked in because she's made some enemies & they may be waiting for a chance to get even.

  2. Gee... You have a very spacious garage and that's looking like a great living space now. I just love watching renovation projects and this is looking really amazing.

  3. Renovations are exciting even though they involve work on steroids. After doing a renovation in 2006, I don't have the energy to take on another any time soon. I look forward to seeing your finished product. It is an ambitious undertaking.

  4. Nice "nest" while the house is being renovated. I look forward to seeing what it looks like when finished.

  5. This is so fun! Glad that you had lots of helpers to "unload" the family room. Things are looking great so far. I love the hearth that you chose.

    The garage "fort" does look fun. I is neat how the three of you took advantage and enjoyed your new space.

    Kathy M.

  6. Can't wait to see the finished result, Linda! So far so good.

  7. I love the 'nest' that has been created. Isn't funny how appealing a spot like this can be for all? I wish I would have documented the change in my family room like you are here. It is exciting to see the changes. I think you are doing this remodel at the perfect time of year. It will be all ready when you are ready to really enjoy the new fireplace.

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  9. wow looks great already...have fun with all the changes

  10. How exciting for you all! Yes, it DOES look spacious, but not putting stuff back may hinder enjoying that new fireplace. :)

  11. Well--wow--that is a big undertaking isn't it. All will look beautiful when done. Some of the images wouldn't show so I will return and check them out again. MB

  12. I love a project that makes me move everything! Not really, but it does help me to find some stuff I thought was long lost. You have a big project going there! I am sure it will be fun to move back in and enjoy the space this winter.


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