Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Republican Convention

As a good citizen, I gave the Republicans an hour of my time this evening.

I listened to Ann Romney and Chris Christie.

I would be happy to be snarky about the whole business, but I have to admit that Ann Romney was very impressive.  She was animated, appealing, charming, in fact everything that her husband doesn't seem to be.  She was of course appealing to women voters, and after the blunders of the last few weeks and months, the Republicans could use a little appeal.  

But alas, it isn't Ann that we would be voting for.  It's those men and they won't be getting my vote.

Chris Christie was the keynoter, and he was mostly about Chris Christie.  News flash, Gov, New Jersey still has one of the worst job recovery rates in the nation.  You balanced the budget by deferring costs.  You talk a lot about working together, about bi-partisanship and how it worked in NJ, and that we need that in DC.  Well, we're waiting for your fellow Republicans there to do more than try to cause the President to fail.  Maybe you could talk to them and straighten them out.

And I do have another issue, Governor.  What is it with teachers unions?  Now I confess, I don't know how things are on the east coast, so maybe when you say about Democrats "They believe in teachers unions, we believe in teachers", you have a reason to make that distinction.  But here on the west coast, teachers and their unions are one and the same.  They work for better teaching conditions because those are also better learning conditions.   

And one other thing.  You say that it is the Democrats "game of scaring and dividing our country".  Really?  I could have sworn I heard it coming from the other direction.

One hour a night is about all I need.   


  1. You and I definitely feel the same way and one hour a night is all I can handle without getting really sick at my stomach! Sleep well and have a good tomorrow -- in spite of the politics! Ugh!!!!

  2. You are a better person than me. I can't bring myself to give them even one hour. About Ann Romney, yes, I like her. I also liked Laura Bush. In fact I've liked a lot of Republican candidate wives, well sort of. I wasn't keen on Cindy McCain or Nancy Reagan. I like Michelle Obama best of all.

  3. I think we watched about 10 minutes of Chris Christie during dinner and changed the channel before it upset our dinner. I missed Ann's actual speech but heard an interview she gave to Diane Sawyer. She is a very wealthy lady who knows how to be charming. I'm sure she's nice and I liked Laura Bush too. I would just NEVER vote for their husbands.

  4. Amen, well said. I couldn't even stand two minutes of it. I watched White Collar on USA network instead; it is about an admitted con man. At least he is honest about it.

  5. I was coming home from a long day trip when I heard Christie on the radio, live. I didn't know who it was but as I listened I realized it had to be a Republican, and when he said that he would say NO instead of YES, and that Respect is more important than LOVE, I turned it off.

  6. I also did not watch the convention. I did see part of Ann Romney's speech on Morning Joe. I notice that she has an intense way of pointing her finger and speaking in a pinched manner when trying to make a point. I am more amazed that I didn't know the Citizen's United ruling allows employers to force employees to campaign for a candidate. Apparently the coal miners at a rally on Aug. 14 were forced to attend a Romney speech and they lost a day's pay. That was because the mine was closed for safety reasons because it had too few workers - those mandated to attend the rally. the mine owner has given $900,000 to the Republicans. Also the top 3 political pacs - 2 for Romney have raised about 130 million and 1 for Obama have raised 25. I am so afraid this is a bought and paid for election. As for teachers - do away with science and privatize the schools! Scary

  7. I was not impressed by Ann Romney. I cringed when she giggled and referred to the audience as "you guys"...ugh! I'm tired of it already and we've got two months to go.


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