Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Convergence of the Reeder Clan

Tom's sister Jan organized a Reeder Reunion to coincide with a high school reunion which brought the California sibling to Seattle.

Monday we all converged on the cabin on Whidbey Island:  Jan and Ann, Tom and Linda, Dave and Vicki (Dave is Tom and Jan's brother, Vicki will be attending her 50th Puyallup High School reunion), their daughter Julie with her husband Dave and kids Bryan and Sarah, and our daughter Jill with Isaac and Irene.  Sons Jason and Jake, and son-in-law Corey were at their respective jobs in Seattle and California.  
 The Orca flag was flying over the cabin for the Whale Clan, the top of the totem pole.
 And we occupied The Vintage, the cousin cabin next door too.
 There were shared moments of family history and old photos of cabin life.  (Jill, Ann, Jan, Bryan)
 Father and daughter: Dave and Julie
 Tuesday morning we hit the beach for a low tide beach walk.
 Irene demonstrated her flying skills.  She had watch a lot of Olympic gymnastics.
 Cousins bonding.
 Tide flat life explored.

 The kids spent much more time at the beach than the adults.  And remember, these are only my photos.  I can only show what I saw.  Much more was going on somewhere.
 Isaac and Irene are setting up their beach hangout, and a safe place for the hermit crab Isaac caught.
 More Flying.
 Sarah joined in.

 Irene set up her "store".
 Later, when the tide came in and the lagoon filled, it was time for boating.
 Jan and Isaac in kayaks. 
There was always reading going on, including me too.

 And the osprey put on a very good show of their fishing skills over the lagoon.
 Splash!  Got one!

 As the weather warmed up, the kids took to the water, and assorted adults visited on the bay shore.
 Beach neighbor Bill's dogs added to the fun.

 There seems to be a need for some sort of drama on these occasions.  The Vintage cabin was experiencing power surges and dimming, and the microwave spontaneously exploded.  The electrical "experts" in the clan rigged up extension cords for the refrigerator and a light until the power company came out to fix things.  
 The young moms could handle the heat on the beach, and the kid watching.  The older's stays were short before we sought the comfort of shade, or some short island trip in the car.

 By Wednesday the sky was the bluest sky you've ever seen.
 Now it was Bryan's turn with the kayak.

 Isaac awaited another turn too.
 While we were each assigned a meal, dinners became communal.  By Wednesday the wind had calmed and we dined outside.  The kids did the table setting.

 The kids got so into setting table and pouring water that they wanted to be the waiters too.  They were talked into serving dessert, took orders, and served us our ice cream and pie lagoon side.
 Tom and I came home Wednesday evening.  We wanted to get started on our remodel project, take care of the cat, and ride out the heat wave here at home.  We were on the 8:30 ferry.
Tom and I were busy this morning, but are taking it slow this afternoon.  It's 93 and we are inside with the AC.  

But I did get this photo via Facebook - the kids at the Island County Fair this morning.  The fun continues.


  1. Wonderful and memorable family gathering, Linda. What a fine bunch of pictures. I laughed at the one of the next generation (Bryan) looking at his electronics while the three grownups looked at an album. I love the beach pictures and the cousin bonding pictures especially. Reminded me of my own growing up.

  2. I always do enjoy looking at your blog and seeing the kids growing up. So sweet Linda. What a lovely family you have.
    The photos are adorable, especially love the flying ones!
    My daughter has moved from Austin to Delaware where she'd been commuting awhile now, and it's close to my original home, so maybe I'll get there sometime soon, and enjoy a visit back east and post some photos. I hope fall back east.
    Thanks for sharing so openly, your family, with us all.

  3. That all looks like so much fun! Loved the pictures of Irene jumping and all the colors and action of the trip.

    It is so neat when families can spend time together.

    Kathy M.

  4. I really enjoyed this post..what wonderful memories are made for you and your family..

  5. Nice family pictures. Good bonding between the cousins, too.


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