Saturday, August 11, 2012

Home Again, For Now

We had a quick trip to the Oregon Coast, but it was a good one.

As you can see if you compare these photos to the cabin photo on my sidebar, the little red cabin is undergoing transition - not so little, and not so red, yet.
The new roof raising has dramatically increased sleeping space, and some kid playing space as well.  My sister Laurie and her husband and family have been overseeing the remodel.  This was our Mother and Dad's cabin, and Mother left funds for cabin improvements and upkeep.  It is a wonderful legacy.

Tom and I and the kids arrived about 3:00 Thursday afternoon, and were soon out on the beach for our first beach walk, and then some playing.

 I finished the day with another walk down to the Twin Rocks.
 This is how those same rocks look from farther down the beach, the next morning.
 After my walk I joined the kids in sand construction by the creek.

 We stayed out on the beach most of the day. Corey arrived about 6:00, and we enjoyed take out fish and chips before going for an evening stroll.  Well, I strolled.  The kids suddenly had boundless energy again and ran far ahead.
 The sun was setting into the almost ever present fog bank over the ocean.
 We met up with Corey and Tom.
 Corey was excited to use his new Nikon 9000 series camera.  He has left me in the dust in camera and photo technology.
 I was just carrying my little Canon Powershot, but it does pretty well.

Tom and I left Rockaway this morning and got back home to Seattle about 3:30 this afternoon.  Corey and the kids are staying another day.

We're unpacked, doing laundry and are getting a few things done around here before loading up again and heading for Whidbey Island on Monday.

Kitty is glad to see us.


  1. It must be nice to have a family place at the beach that belonged to family before.

  2. fun photos, you captured the beauty very nicely...

  3. Those additions to your beach house will be much-used no doubt Linda? - Dave

  4. The west coast is so beautiful. You have a wonderful family legacy there.

  5. Nice pictures, Linda. A welcome break from seeing bikini-clad women at Waikiki Beach. Lol. Have even more fun in Whidbey.

  6. Lovely pictures Linda. What a really neat legacy from your Mom.

  7. This wonderful cabin is a legacy indeed. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy it with the grandchildren. The remodel is looking great.

  8. What a blessing to have such a great family retreat. I loved the pictures with the grandkids. Made me miss my two who went home a few weeks ago. We made wonderful memories when we camped at the Oregon coast. It's a great place to spend time with the grands.

  9. Ahh the Oregon beaches. I do love them more than Washington's. So nice of your Mother to reserve funds for remodels etc. She was a wise one.

    As for the Blueberry machines I do believe they go over the rows only once. Maybe pickers (people) follow up. There are many fields they have to do at just the right time. I think they have 2 mechanical pickers though.


  10. Beautiful pictures of a lovely time together! The cabin looks twice as big, especially in the back. How nice for all of you.

    Kathy M.

  11. Love seeing the remodel of the beach cabin. It looks similar to the one my grandparents owned and I grew up spending time in. Ours was on the Washington coast, but we loved it dearly. Unfortunately, there wasn't provision for upkeep, and eventually it was sold. Broke my heart.

    Glad your mom made sure it would be kept up and hopefully it will stay in the family for a long, long time.

  12. Well, the above comment was mine, but my daughter must have been using my computer, as I discovered after writing that it was her account. Hm m m, I don't even know how that works!

  13. These are such gorgeous photos, Linda. That is such an idyllic family place. What a joyous family time!

  14. What great memories the kids will have of their rich varied childhoods. You have provided well, you and Tom. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.. beautiful Life..


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