Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republican Convention, Day Three

What can I say?  It's over, Hurray?  That works.

We had the hardwood floor installers working here from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.  It was a weird day, noisy and dusty.  They got the family room done and we moved our recliners and the TV set back in, watched a little of the convention on C-SPAN, then the Sounders at 5:00, NBC coverage of the convention at 7:00, and then switched over to Seahawk football in progress.  Then we cleaned, vacuuming and dusting so that we could live with a little less dirt and dust.  I'll work on a renovation post with photos tomorrow.

Back to the Republicans.  Newt blamed Obama for ruining Reagan's economy, completely skipping over Bushes I and II and Clinton.  Weird.  He and Calista followed a video tribute to Ronald Reagan.  They are in desperate need of a new hero.

Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair, pretending that President Obama was sitting in it. He kept implying that the President was telling him to shut up and go F*** himself.  Very strange.

Shining star Marco Rubio introduced Mitt Romney.  Rubio is an appealing young man, but his digs at the President didn't become him at all.

I was ready for some dignity by the time Mitt Romney took the stage.  I got some.  He delivered a very good speech.  His main theme, aside from telling us about himself, was that President Obama had not delivered on his promises.  And then Romney proceeded to make many promises of his own.  Would he be able to deliver?  Just how would he create those 12 million jobs?  We really have no idea, and he doesn't plan to tell us.

Next week we'll have the Democrats.  Then there will be debates.  Along the way about 8% of the voters who have not already locked in will decide who to support.  Someone will win by a small margin.

And then they will try for four years to accomplish whatever they can in a country so divided that cooperation is a dirty word.


  1. I was very impressed by Romney's speech, which was personal and appealing. Maybe, what the country needs is a businessman. We'll see. As he asked, are we better off than we were 4 years ago? However, his statements about the "sanctity of human life" and "traditional marriage" might do him in.

  2. From my little corner of the world I was interested to read your blogs here about the electioneering Linda, and to get the feel of your views. We have been getting reports on our TV here in NZ. I must admit that Romney comes across well on TV, but from what I have read about him I am not sure that he would be good for middle and lower income America - Dave

  3. Thank you for watching and reporting on it. I turned on the news to watch PBS last night and there was nothing on but the Republican Convention, so I turned it off. Sigh. I'm in the middle of a move, and you are in the middle of a renovation, and nothing makes me feel very good about the direction of our country. You said it all very well.

  4. Thanks for your views - I can't watch any of the political stuff from either side and I don't think I know anyone who is still undecided. Hopefully cooperation will become more of a good word no matter who is elected as there are a lot of people with differing views who all want things to be better and who can cooperate in their daily lives. So it should be possible on a larger scale. One can hope!

  5. We are having such a busy week that we just weren't able to watch the convention. Besides, Art doesn't have the stomach for it. Thank you for reporting about it. How can Romney say he's going to create jobs? Didn't he send jobs overseas himself? He also has no foreign expertise. How can Republicans say Obama created the divisiveness? Are they forgetting that little something about themselves?


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