Monday, August 6, 2012

Seattle's Hot Weekend

Some people are saying summer may now be over.  Seattle has had its one hot weekend of the year.

The temperature rose to the low 90's Saturday and Sunday.  This in not common weather for us.  In fact we turned on the AC for the first time in two years!

So yes, the weather made the news, but there was a lot more hot stuff going on too.

This was SeaFair Weekend, the core of which is the Unlimited Hydroplane Races and Boeing Air Show over Lake Washington.

Tom and I usually go to the time trials and the Blue Angels performance practice on Fridays, a free day with smaller crowds.  This year we were not able to go, as I explained in my previous post.  Saturday we stayed home, enjoyed the morning on the patio, and stayed indoors as the afternoon heated up.  I watched a lot of Olympics.

Sunday we also stayed home, but Jill and Corey, Isaac and Irene, and Jake all went to the races and airshow.  We got updates via Facebook.  In fact, all of my photos today are taken off of Facebook, including just one that I took.
 These are Corey's.  The family posing in front of one of the hydroplanes.
 With Jake, keeping cool in the lake between boat races.
The Navy Blue Angles performing during the air show.

Meanwhile this was the scene at our house.

About 3:30 Tom and I set out for Seattle.  The Sounders were playing at 6:00.  We had to walk most of the way to the light rail station, because the park and ride lot was full.  It was 92 by then.

We joined some friends at a soccer bar to watch the final of the hydroplane race.  I had been following it at home on TV with the AC.  Then we joined the march to the match, got our cold drinks and hot dogs, and settled in the hot stadium.  The air show continued right there!

This is how the game ball arrived!
                                                                                                           Sounders FC photo
                                                                                                      Photo by Corky Trewin
 The Sounders were hot too.  In front of a crowd of 60,908 they took it to the Champion LA Galaxy team, with David Beckham, I might add, with a final result Sunders 4, LA 0!
                                                                                                Photo by Corky Trewin

We hung around after the match waiting for the crown to thin and watching the sky go pink and blue.  I didn't take my camera, wishing to travel light, but son Jake posted this on Facebook, with the caption "What an amazing day!"
It was Summer in Seattle.

This morning many of us welcomed the cooling sea air and clouds, which are now clearing off to a sunny afternoon.  The AC is off, the windows are open, and the zucchini bread I just made is ready to come out of the oven.

It's time for my lunch hour on the patio.


  1. It was a HOT, but beautiful weekend, wasn't it!! I certainly had a toasty birthday! Always enjoy your photos of your fun days with your family! Hope you have a great week, Linda!

  2. I am so ready for fall. Two days of summer is about all I can stand. Susan says I've become a wimp and I suppose I have. I can't imagine how I ever stood Texas summers. Clouds and rain sound wonderful.

  3. Well, that was all the summer I need at that temperature. We set a temperature record here in Bellingham yesterday, but today's nice cool marine air feels just right! Love your pictures of the Blue Angels and the parachutists. I thought of you when I read about the win, Linda.

  4. I broke out a tank top and a pair of shorts for the weekend. Fortunately, no one was around to see my arms in the top!

  5. It's nice to spend time with family, isn't it. Congrats to the Sounders!

  6. You live in paradise.
    We have the 20th 100+ day today here in Missouri. All around trees and bushes are brown. We have been watering all spring and summer. The house is surrounded by soaker hoses for plants and foundation. My hostas have no blooms. We are filling the bird feeders which are usually filled only during the cold. The midwest is in dire straits.

  7. It looks like everybody enjoyed the day! Wonderful pictures. It has been our hottest weekend too, here in Central Oregon.

    Kathy M.

  8. You do seriously take the most awesome photos, Linda. I'm hearing about wildfires in your area too now? Good grief! I thought you guys were all safe.

  9. I also enjoy your photos and writing Linda, Sometimes I get to comment. Things have been hectic lately.Now that sun has arrived we don't have time to do much, unfortunately.

    You always enjoy the best of the NW! I get to experience it vicariously through you.


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