Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sounders Soccer Saturday

With a 1:00 start time at Century Link Field, we didn't get a whole lot of anything else done yesterday.  It was a Soccer Saturday.

I did get in a four mile walk in the morning, enjoying the cool, cloudy weather after the heat of the last few days.

We rode the Link light rail into the city and met up with Jill and the gang outside of the ECS watering hole, where they were enjoying their take out sandwiches.

 We did the March to the Match, Irene clinging cautiously to Grandpa's hand, and arrived at the stadium with a cast of thousands.
 Irene and I listened to Sound Wave, the Sounders band.  Irene especially likes the cymbal girls.

The Vancouver Whitecaps sent a big delegation of supporters, although I hear some of their buses got stopped at the border.
 I do love singing "Oh Canada!"
 I hear son Jake was at the stadium by 8AM setting up this big tifo display.  It was very cool.  Here it is unfurling.

 Time for "Scarves Up!"
 And an explosion of streamers at first kick.
 At half time we texted Corey and Irene to come join us since we had empty seats by us.
 Jill and Isaac checked in from the ECS section across the field.
 The final result was much to the liking of the almost 55,000 Seattle fans.
 Mass exodus into the city.
 We went into the city too, and visited the Milepost 31 museum with an exhibit of the tunnel boring process that will eventually replace the viaduct.
 And Irene needed ice cream.  Me too.
 I shot a few city scenes as we worked our way to the Pioneer Square light rail station.

It was a good day.


  1. I do not enjoy sports but I certainly enjoy watching your family enjoy sports. I love the hanging baskets on the buildings, so beautiful.

  2. It sounds like a perfect day. I love how you all support the team! Go Sounders!

  3. I always smile when I see that any of the Seattle teams have a win, because I know it will make you happy. I don't follow any of these except for thinking about your joy at a win. Go Sounders! :-)

  4. I love those lazy days of summer. There are lots of fun things to do. Four seasons keep life interesting. I'm noticing the teasing hints of fall in our area--cooler air and falling leaves. There are subtle changes in the night sounds also.

  5. Oh yes! That looks like a very good day! I especially love the ice cream capper in all this.

  6. You are almost talking me into soccer ... it looks quite fun with the crowd involvement and interesting traditions. My step-daughter and her family in Olympia play all the time and love The Sounders.

    Great pictures, Linda. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

    Kathy M.


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