Thursday, January 10, 2013

Photo Finish

Isaac's birthday bike arrived via UPS yesterday.  Jill and the kids stopped by on the way home from school to check it out.
 With a team effort, Tom and Isaac were able to assemble it.

Isaac got to take it home in the van.  He is very happy with his new bike! Bike story finished.

Also, in another day of sharing herself for her Spotlight Week, Irene showed off her new outfit, and American Girl doll Julie's too. Irene had pink crocs too, but she removes her shoes in the house.

She took the composite photo that Tom put together a few years back showing the outfits I had sewn for Irene over the years.  Since then her school mates have seen them on her.  I hear that there are folks ready to place orders, but I'm afraid they are out of luck.  I have only one special client.
I showed you this outfit when I made it.  Now you see the finished product as intended.


  1. I love the outfit and the doll
    your grandkids are lovely
    and they had such a great week!!

  2. Irene is a beauty. I love the hair on both Irene and the doll, did you do that, too? :-)

  3. How sweet to have an outfit to match your favorite doll! Good grandma!

  4. how fun that outfit is. My grand daughters are not into dolls currently...and I don't sew much anymore. Used to make lots of my clothes and costumes for dancing!

  5. You and Tom have made two children very happy. Well done Linda - Dave

  6. Issac looks so happy on his new bike!

    Love the outfits. I bet Irene's classmates do want to have you make them some, but that would be more than a full-time job.

    Kathy M.


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