Monday, January 21, 2013

Respite From the Fog - Part II

Yep, it's still foggy here in the low lands, although I hear it is sunny and warm up on the mountain ski slopes.  That's what a temperature inversion does for you.

There was some good news today though.  Barack Obama was inaugurated for a second term.  The first and second families looked good.  I'm still waiting to see the ball gown.

It looks like Seattle will be getting an NBA team back - good news for us is bad news for Sacramento. 

I had lunch with old teacher friends - yes, both old as in long time friends, and old and in "old", like me.

Tom and I spent the rest of the afternoon looking at houses for sale with Jill and Corey and the kids.  The house they were hoping for has been turned over to another bank, and the short sale stuff may have to start all over again.  Not good news.  Very discouraging.

And now the other part of our Saturday outing - lots of photos of a great place to get relief from the fog, the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Outside the glass house, we strolled around the wonderful old park.
 There was no view of the space Needle through the sculpture over the reservoir today.

 The Museum of Asian Art.

 The water tower.  
 Stately homes surround the park.
 Wonderful old trees fill the park.

Tom is always on the lookout for cones off exotic trees.

Looks like we'll keep the fog until the rain comes on Wednesday.  I may need to go sit in the green house. :)


  1. how lovely and colorful inside...outside looks cold and damp!

  2. Wow! What gorgeous photos! You've got so many of Hawaii's flowers there.

    I loved watching some of the inauguration today before I had to leave for zumba. It's nice to be back in Hawaii after a week away in LA. It was cold over there but no fog.

  3. What a great place to go to get out of this fog! Beautiful pictures.

  4. I definitely don't envy your weather. I HATE damp, cold weather!

  5. I hope you like Michelle's ball gown as much as I did. Gorgeous pictures! I'm going snowshoeing today, so I'll be above the fog for awhile, before our rain returns tomorrow. :-)

  6. From the plant life, I would say you lived in paradise. Not enough sun would ruin it for me though. I am a sun lover.

  7. Great idea for a foggy day. I feel the atmosphere there with all the tropicals. I love greenhouses! And btw you look sensational!

  8. The flowers are so bright and cheerful compared to the grey fog. Hope it lifts for you guys today.

    Kathy M.

  9. Conservatories are always islands on a cold planet. The smell of earth, the pungent odor of green leaves and the fragrance of flowers restores us.

  10. It's nice to see all of the exotic plants that can be grown in a hot house Linda. I specially like the coloured leaf plants and the flower in one of your photos with the big blue flowers - Dave

  11. What beautiful pictures. So nice to have such a wonderful place to go find flowers and color on a gloomy day. Every day gets longer and brighter now, which gives us hope in the winter!

  12. wow..I love all the flowers...a trip to the tropics


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