Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Found Her!

At the Northwest Flower and Garden Show!
DJan had told us on her blog DJan-ity that she would be attending the garden show on Wednesday.   In a comment I let her know that Tom and I would be there too, on the same day.

The NWF&G Show is huge, filling much of the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.  Finding each other was about like looking for a needle in a haystack.  But about 11:00, when I was ready for a brief sit down rest, having arrived at 9:00, I looked up and saw her!  I would know that smile anywhere! She had not been there long, having arrived by tour bus from Bellingham, 80 miles north of Seattle.

We have "known" each other for several years, only through blogging.  And yet seeing her felt so familiar, just another visit like we have two or three times a week.

We went our separate way, knowing her time was limited and there is so much to see.  But we did actually bump into each other two more times during the day.  I know she is hiking today, since it's Thursday. You'll be hearing from her later, I'm sure.

DJan mentioned that I post so many photos, and she tries to limit hers.  I told her that when you take 300, it's hard to limit yourself to ten!  Again, I will be posting a bunch, but without much comment.

The garden show has lovely display gardens showing off plants, hardscapes, and the skills of designers and artists.  They are the stars of the show.  Then there are the markets, with garden art, clothing, tools, furniture, plants, and anything related to gardening.  There are also ongoing seminars presented by garden "experts".  We spent all day there, opening the show at 9::AM and closing it at 8:00 PM.  We saw everything, attended three seminars, and did a little shopping.  It was a fun day.

I love the view from the sky bridge looking toward the Market and the bay.  There were small displays there.

 In the large display garden section it was hard to get away for the orchids.

The huge room was dimly lit, with spotlights trained on featured parts of the gardens, so my little Canon camera had some trouble knowing where to focus and capture enough light without a flash, which just washed out everything.
 I especially liked the color and texture achieved by shrubs in this sunny garden above, and again the sunny colors in the one below.
 The gardens had a movie theme this year.  Below is "A River Runs Through It".

 The Hobbit House was such fun!

 Here I was attracted to the fragile little early bloomers nested in the stones.

I hope this brightens your day for those of you stuck in winter.  It sure helps us get through the gray days.  

Tomorrow I'll post some of the market photos.  


  1. Looks like a fabulous garden show. The orchis, especially, caught my eye. It's so nice that you and DJan met there and even ran into each other a couple of times later in the day.

  2. You would have been as amazed as I was, Jean, if you saw how many white-haired ladies about our size were about! Tom said he could tell it was me and then, whoosh! There was Linda! Her pictures are all MUCH better than mine (I'm not being modest, trust me), and some of her pictures are of things I missed!

    It was so wonderfully cool to meet you and Tom, Linda. I treasure the memory. I'll post about the show on Saturday. :-)

  3. thanks for the spring preview-I enjoyed seeing it all...

  4. I was wondering if someday you might run into each other since you live in the same area. This is just so very cool and you both have the glorious silver hair that I covet so much! What gorgeous photos you took! I feel like I was there and wish I actually was, just so there could be three of us!

  5. I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw the photo of the two of you together. I just think it is so cool when blogging friends actually meet each other. I can understand why you knew DJan right away. She has a way of standing out in a crowd. I think I was most amazed by her blue eyes when I met her. I love the smiles you both have in the photo!

    These photos are amazing. I would love to have seen this flower show. The arrangement with the orange chair and the metal tubs really caught my eye. I loved the creative plantings in the metal containers. There is much interest there.

    I've never tried growing orchids. It seems they usually take up a lot of space at shows such as these.

    It was all very fanciful, colorful, springlike, and spirit brightening. I think we all could use a dose of green and color in the forms of beautiful plants about now.

  6. We will be at the Flower and Garden show on Saturday. I'm so excited!

    You and DJan are beautiful!

  7. I'm envious; the garden show looks like so much fun. It is so nice that you and DJan got to meet. When we got together last October on Vashon Island, I was surprised to immediately recognize everyone. It as like we were old friends.

  8. Flower shows in the middle of winter are wonderful. The Philly Flower Show is the first week in March. Nice photos and some interesting ideas for gardening and decorating. How neat to meet other bloggers.

  9. I am so glad you and DJan met at last. A perfect setting, I might add.

  10. What a mid-winter treat. The flower show looks fabulous fun.

  11. How fun to meet a blogging buddy in person!

    Your pictures turned out beautifully, Linda. I can't help but think about the hard work it took to set up these displays, and then the hard work in clearing them out when the show is over. Wow.

    You guys stayed there all day? I would have been worn out. Good for you.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Kathy M.

  12. Brightened my day for sure. Is that a double, triple Helleborus you have pictured? Love it. When I worked at Emery's Garden I worked the F&G show several times. It was fun. And now Emery's has closed down.
    So nice to visit with blogger friends and yes they seem like good friends. I have met up with several.

  13. Oh sigh..I want spring.. how nice to meet a blogging friend...I have come and caught up..I keep falling behind.. hugs to you Linda..Michell5

  14. Linda, your pictures are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing them. And it's so great that you and D'Jan got to meet. As for the stone and metal rooster, I think it's a great idea to go by train. It would keep me from all those wonderful impulse buys!

  15. Beautiful photos! I came over from DJans..that yellow peony is so interesting looking..and those orchids wow:)

  16. Over from Djan's blog. She said you'd have some lovely photos of this floral event and she was right. Lovely photos of what was clearly a beautiful day. I'm glad that you and DJan connected. Blogging is so wonderful that way.

  17. I came over from DJan's blog. What fabulous sight! Enjoyed your pictures.

  18. DJan sent me too. Thank you so much, - as a gardening obsessive I thoroughly enjoyed the tour you took us on.

  19. he colours and the crisp sharpens make your photographs such a treat. I think it 's great that you met up.


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