Friday, February 22, 2013

The Market at The Northwest Flower and Garden Show

If you haven't seen my previous post, be sure to scroll down for information about this garden show.  This is Part 2.

Everything imaginable having to do with gardening is for sale in the various markets at the garden show.  We drooled over much of it and did make a few purchases.  Tom bought a few hand tools, and I bought some little rusty birds.
They'll find a home in the garden somewhere.

It was as I was sitting admiring these rustic sheds that I spotted DJan.  They are made on Whidbey Island, I have seen them before, and I want one!  I told Tom to start saving up.

 I loved the glass cactus.
 I bought some bobbing birds from this vendor last year.  This year I wanted  the stone and metal rooster below, but it was a bit heavy to carry home on the train.  Good thing.  I don't need it!

 Great use of color draws me in every time.
 And of course, so does glass.
 The glass flowers we make are not this fancy, but they certainly are less expensive than these.

 All kinds of wonderful pottery.
 There was a small display of bonsai, and another of Ikebana.

 We checked in with Marie at her Chocolate Flower Farm booth.  We always visit her in her shop in Langley on Whidbey Island.
 There was a new section of vintage garden furnishings this year.  I loved it!
 And of course there are plants for sale.

 We were especially drawn to the colorful conifers.  As we think about making our garden lower maintenance, we are looking at color from shrubs.  Tom wants one of each!

 Flower arrangements near the main entrance are done by professionals.  By the time we got to them it was getting dark, and they are not lighted, but here is an idea of what to see.

 It's cold and stormy here today, with heavy snow falling in the mountains.  I bought a few carnations at the grocery store this morning in these colors for a bit of sunshine for my kitchen table.
And I'll try to remember that if we didn't have winter, we wouldn't appreciate spring and summer nearly so much!


  1. Wow. Wish I had a plant sale like that here. YOu have started me thinking if I can do something creative and fun for our plant sales at the Extension Office.

  2. I just got home from my latest haircut, Linda. I couldn't help but notice what a great haircut you have, and that it is recent. Mine was more than six weeks old, and now I feel MUCH more well trimmed. Tomorrow I'll post my pictures, but I will visit yours many times more than my own. I absolutely LOVE that beautiful picture you took (yesterday's post) of the flagstones that look like a river. I never even saw that. What an eye you've got! :-)

  3. fun colors, love the would be difficult not to buy lots of stuff!

  4. Wow! These are such incredible photos, Linda. I love that you're sharing it all with us. You share beauty with the world. The glass art is spectacular and I'm always drawn to Ikebana... perhaps because my grandmother used to teach it.

  5. I guess I like the glass ornaments the most. It will be interesting to see how you make your garden easier to maintain.

  6. you met DJ!!
    that's more wonderful than all the wonders in all these photos

    I love the different displays, all so different

    The photos of the grands on the sidebar are beautiful

  7. I won't make it to the show this year so enjoyed seeing it through the eye of your camera. Beautiful pictures.

  8. It was almost as good as going to the show to see your pictures! I love the walkway made of stone, but the color of the flowers is best! I agree with Tom, I want one of each of the conifers.

  9. I have never been to the garden show. The photos are pretty and interesting, though. I may check it out if we're in town next time.

  10. I had to pop over and check out your flowers from DJan's blog. What a fun day you both had!

  11. Gorgeous all those flowers. I am looking forward to the Philadelphia Flower Show next month.

  12. Wonderful pictures Linda. Those garden ornaments look great. Glad you met Djan - Dave

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