Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Urban Trekking Along Lake Union

When the fog cleared this morning, literally and figuratively, Tom and I headed out for a walk in the city.

Fremont was our first destination.  We enjoy the Sunday Street Market there, and have also enjoyed walking along the ship canal.

 We had some good conversations with some of the market vendors, and of course I didn't come away empty handed.  I bought more yard art.

I think the vendor said this rooster's name was Rodger.

Maybe Rusty would be a more suitable name.  This would have cost  at least twice as much in a shop or garden show.  The prices in Fremont are great.
We had lunch in a sunny spot outside of the PCC Market, with warm soup and sandwiches from their deli.

 After lunch we walked across the Fremont Bridge, over the ship canal, with views of Lake Union.  We wanted to explore some of the walkway along the west shore of Lake Union.

 We walked under the Aurora Bridge.
 We passed house boats on the shore.

 And lots of boats for sale or just moored by the houseboats.
 We were following an old railroad grade, and this portion of the tracks were left as a reminder of the old days.

 The fog bank that was lurking just over the sound worked its way back inland just far enough to blot out our sun, but we had a good walk and enjoyed exploring a bit more of our city.


  1. These spots were quite interesting. I admire your fortitude in walking to all these places. I've been a bit behind in reading blogs lately. I just read of your challenges with your health. I hope you get answers and relief soon. It seems you are doing what is best for you: walking and moving. I can't help but wonder how the cool dampness affects you though. Take care.

  2. Beautiful! We went to Discovery Park today hoping to capture some images but were disappointed. Your day looks much better!

  3. Very nice pics, Linda. You seem to have a variety of things to see there in Seattle. Some day, I'd like to see the city myself.

  4. The photos of sights in your area are always interesting. I have never been to your part of the world but it looks like it could be a good tourist magnet.

  5. The dense fog didn't let go here in Bellingham until almost 1:00pm. I went for a short walk in the sunshine, enjoying seeing blue skies for the first time since I got home on Friday night! However, I'm "sunned up" from the Florida trip and enjoyed the fog.

  6. Fremont is always fun! Love the pictures. Happy you are sticking with walking!

  7. you do enjoy your city...beautiful photos. Love the houseboats and sailboats.

  8. What wonderful pictures of your walk, Linda. I enjoyed the sailboats and bridge photos the most ... and you scored well on your new rooster.

    Kathy M.

  9. An interesting look at your part of the world.

  10. Thank you for taking us with you on your fun adventure. You have the most wonderfully interesting places in Seattle. I love that fun rooster sculpture.


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