Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Spring Day

It's getting dark now, but not long ago I was out taking an evening stroll.

A robin high in a tree sang to the setting sun.
While at the same time the moon was already high in the clear sky.
 There were glimpses of the Mountain in alpenglow over the housetops.
 And the playground at the school was full of kids playing and happy voices.
This is what I love about Daylight Saving Time.  

Because of my issues with sleep, I am never in a hurry to actually turn off the light and try to sleep.  We have been reading well after midnight, which means we are not rising early enough to notice the darker mornings.

I did go for a 2.5 mile walk this morning over at the park.

And then this afternoon Tom found  a few gardening jobs I could do, trimming pots out on the patio.  It was great to be even a little bit useful, and soak up some sunshine at the same time.

Tom was busy digging. moving,  and transplanting plants, trying to find places where they might be happier in the garden.  He finished off the afternoon by mowing the lawn.
The good weather is expected to last through tomorrow.  I'm going to try to prune the roses.


  1. There is no change in time here in Hawaii, so I get up whenever I want. Pretty photos, Linda.

  2. Yesterday was one of those Pacific Northwest days that make me happy to be here. You are certainly getting better, and finding lots to do. Glad that one of those things is taking pictures and posting them on your blog. :-)

  3. Evening walks are the best. Getting your hands in the garden is better.

  4. The first lawn mowing of the season and rose pruning! Hooray, It's spring! Glad that your recovery has continued to the point that you are walking and contemplating gardening!

  5. I love that last shot of Tom cutting the grass in the sunshine. I am loving this weather.

  6. I am always up in the dark. I do have insomnia in the early morning. I have mixed feelings about all the yardwork ahead.

  7. ah spring-the reward for enduring the winter!

  8. Your law is very green! Looks lovely:)

  9. Hello Linda, I am a first time visitor from the VA eastern shore. A fellow blogger (Denise, An English Girl Rambles) told me about your blog and she thought she remembered that your spouse, Tom, also liked trains as does mine (Pat/Grenville on our blog). We have dear friends who live in Eugene, OR as well. Your spring weather is ahead of our own, as the daffodils are budding but not yet open and the forsythia bush remains unbloomed as well. Our temps were in the 70s earlier this week and now in the 40s and very windy. A very strange season.


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