Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vernal Equinox

The first day of Spring surprised a few folks with frost on the windshield this morning.  It has been a while since it got down to freezing here in Seattle.

But by the time Spring officially started here sometime around 9:45 this morning, the sun was warming things up.

We worked over at Jill's house this morning, moving some shrubs, digging out other stuff, and clearing a place for her vegetable patch.
 Two rhododendrons came out of here ↓and were moved to a better location, as shown above.↑
 Then Tom tackled the sucker growth cherry tree that had been growing in the old fire pit. As he excavated, he found the archaeological remains - charcoal.
 I was about as much help as old Tiger cat here, who knows how to enjoy the sun while the work is being done.

 Tom had put in three hours of hard labor and it was time to go home for a late lunch and a slower pace.

After lunch Tom worked in the garage on another bonsai tree and I went for a walk.
 Yes, it really is spring here in Seattle, and to prove it, the cherry blossoms popped today.
 And the daffodils are nodding, much preferring the sun to the rain that had them bowing down a day ago.
Happy spring, everyone.  Yes, even those of you who are enduring yet another snow storm.  Buy yourself some flowers at the grocery store, put them on your kitchen table, and pretend. Whatever it takes to endure until your Spring comes too.


  1. Happy to see someone working in a garden...

  2. Today was such a gorgeous day, but I was stuck inside, waiting all afternoon for a workman to come and install something. I suppose I could have greeted him in the front garden wearing dirty smelly gardening clothes, but I just wasn't comfortable doing that. Ah well, tomorrow will be nice too, I think. When we first moved in here we had a cherry tree that produced suckers all throughout the lawn, what a pain that was.

  3. It has been a wonderful day, hasn't it? And tomorrow seems just as nice! Congratulations to Tom on conquering that rhodie. I love that picture of the cat in the sunshine. :-)

  4. Your partner is such a hardworking fellow. I bet it is difficult not to be able to help now and again.

  5. If we all followed a cat's example, we could live to be a hundred. Glad you are still taking it easy. That 10 pound limit is so important. I had a friend screw up her surgery by not following the rules.
    That live in gardener you have is worth his weight. Too bad he doesn't travel and make house calls.

  6. Happy spring, Linda! Jill is very lucky to have you doing so much for her!

  7. Lovely cherry blossoms, yes we must be patient. :)

  8. IT's spring here in eastern ORegon too. Our first daffodil bloomed today. I hope the weather holds this weekend so I can get out and dig in the garden.

  9. Will you two adopt me? If I ever have a house again with a real yard, I want you two to come and help me get it going.

    Our first day of spring was quite lovely. Today it snowed. That is spring in Colorado weather. It always snows in March. We need the moisture. We take it how we can get it.


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