Monday, March 3, 2014

Busting Out

Faced with another rainy day, I knew I needed to get away from home and do something different, and have a chance to move at the same time.

I remembered a large antique mall in SODO (South of Downtown) that we had seen recently on another excursion, checked yesterday to see if it was open on Mondays  (Yes!), and that's where we headed this morning.
 There was a lot of stuff to look at, enough to occupy us for several hours.  
 I started collecting hat pins about a year ago because I needed something to collect that would not take up much space.  There are many lovely choices, most of which are quite pricey.  I look for the not so expensive but interesting varieties.

  I loved the old yard ornaments, but the prices were quite high, and besides, they all exceeded my 10 pound weight limit.

When we emerged about 12:30, low and behold, the rain had stopped!  We passed up a chance to wait in line at the Macrena Bakery nearby and came home for lunch.

I did come home with a few treasures - of course! 
 There is a depression glass goblet to add to the collection I got from my aunt, a pottery chicken that was cheap and cute, a Royal Albert "Silver Birch" tray to add to the tea service I started on a trip to England, and a funky early plastic hat pin.

Whew!  Everything has found a place.  That is a consideration now that I have collected way too much stuff.

The weather held, so I was able to bust out some more and go for a walk over at the park this afternoon.

 The native Indian plum is leafing out and blooming with little white racemes of flowers.
The ornamental cherry trees are just about ready to bust out into bloom too.

 And the heart shaped puddle is full of sky.
My sanity is restored.


  1. You have some major signs of spring.

  2. You have a good collection of antique things. All looks so bright and nice...

  3. Mike was the collector. Oh, boy, was he ever! He was an American picker before it was a subject for television shows. He did make me swear over his death bed not to put any of his stuff in a garage sale.
    Okay. But what I am going to do with it, I really have no idea. At least I know who to trust for some help.

    Your collections are all so tastefully displayed. Still, I would not want to be the one who dusts at your house! And you wouldn't want me to, Mike used to accuse me of being able to break glass just by looking at it.

  4. That tea tray was perfect, now that I see it with the other parts. And that hat pin looks like it's been there forever. Wonderful purchases, Linda. And we got a little bit of sunshine yesterday, but very little between the major cloudbursts. More happening right now, it seems. I can hear it on the roof. :-)

  5. Love that little chicken planter! I totally get it about having sanity restored. lol

  6. Love the tea tray and I always have a soft spot for chickens. What a great way to spend a rainy day and get a little exercise also.

  7. I could spend the day at that antique mall! You brought home so pretty things. Love this post and the pictures!

  8. getting outside and shopping can renew your energies whether or not you buy anything. I never heard of decorative hat pins...they could be quite a weapon for a lady in the olden days! lol....

  9. What a nice outing. I especially like your colorful collection of glass stemware.

  10. I would love poking around this place! I think you made some great selections. What a find on the Royal Albert Silver Birch piece. I also love the way you are displaying the hat pins. What fun.

    I think I need a day in an antique shop. Funny thing is I was just thinking of one in Pueblo that I would like to visit today. Perhaps, I make a trek out and visit the shop.

  11. Well a wet and soggy day turned out to be a rather fun day. Love the 'Silver Birch' pattern. Imagine finding a tray to match. Spring is starting all right. MB

    Oh Happy Birthday to Jill. MB

  12. OMG spring!!! It still exists!

  13. Cute little chicken piece. So nice to see pictures of the trees budding out, makes me hopeful.

  14. Looks like spring has found you! Lovely collections. I started collecting marbles and dice years ago because they are small and fit into jars...and jars..:)

  15. We used to LOVE to visit antique malls and had quite a collection of this and that. I've never seen a hat pin collection. That is so cool. I didn't even know they came in so many different designs. You have the most fun collectibles. Someday, we'll be at your doorway asking to come in and see your treasures. :-)

  16. I've been watching the show *Hoarders* on TV and that's the first thing I thought of when I saw your picture (ha!). But I too love to browse in antique shops. There's something fascinating about them... like finding treasure in some old farmhouse attic.


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