Monday, March 17, 2014

The Cutting of the Green

I took more photos of Tom working today.  Well, actually, by the time I frittered the day away and then got back from my walk, I found him resting after his day's work.

The pile awaiting an empty yard waste bin has grown.  Today was the day to trim the salal. Salal is a native broad leaf evergreen shrub that was growing here on the property when we bought it.  We have "tamed' it a bit to be where we want it to be.  In the native forests it will grow to ten feet. We don't want it to do that here, so just before it starts to bud out, we cut it back.

Yesterday I transplanted seedlings of tomatoes, marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, asters, and sunflowers, while Tom organized the greenhouse and worked on his geranium cuttings.  I checked in the greenhouse this afternoon to see how they all looked.  
 Yay.  They survived!  It was a tedious job transplanting all those delicate little seedlings and you wonder if they will even make it, but Tom assured me that I was doing a good job, better than he usually does.  When you give a perfectionist a tedious, painstaking job, it involves some slow deliberate work, and a bit of grumbling, but if they actually grow, I'm happy to help.

While I was out with my camera I found a few more things that are emerging or have come into bloom.

                                      More clumps of trillium.
                                                                Hosta emerging.
                                                          a red Corydalis

                                                                      Tulip buds!
                                                              Bergenia buds

There was time for Tom to have a nap before dinner.  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I prepared Bangers and Mash.
That's cider steeped brats, Yukon gold potatoes mashed with sharp white cheddar cheese, cabbage with caraway seeds, and a salad of herb greens, fresh pear, dried cranberries and blue cheese. (My plate was smaller, since I didn't work very hard.)

I hope you all had a pleasant St. Patrick's Day, with no pinching.  For those of you not yet living in a green world, may the ice and snow soon depart and leave you with a spring in your step and warmth in your heart.


  1. I see salal in the wilderness, and it certainly does grow everywhere. Sure looks nice in your garden, though, all tamed like that. Love those pretty plants in your greenhouse. And tulip buds! Yay! :-)

  2. your supper looks delicious. love all the green growing things. Much of our yard froze this winter and we'll be replacing lots.

  3. Spring is popping up all over the place on the west coast.It looks great.

  4. What a great garden you have! Love salal and Oregon grape, they will take over if you let them.

  5. That looks like a delicious dinner, and I don't even like cabbage. I have a yellow Corydalis that seeds around, it's a good thing I like it. Glad to see all your seedlings doing well.

  6. It's great that you feel well enough to plant things and then cook such a splendid supper.

  7. Tulips with buds! Your lawn looks lovely! I have never had bangers and mash. :)

  8. I think you live in the Garden of Eden! Beautiful yard.

  9. Now you make me want a greenhouse! I could pretend spring had arrived.

  10. What a lovely lovely garden you have. You must enjoy walking around in your yard. The meal looks delicious!

  11. I sailed through St. Patrick's Day with nary a pinch! They frown on that sort of thing in schools these days. Go figure. Your garden is looking wonderful; your dinner, divine!


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