Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fun Phone Photos

Since my iPhone goes with me everywhere now, it is also my go-to camera these days.

There was a respite from the rain as we exited FX McRory's Restaurant near the stadium a little after 6:00 to pick up the March to the Match as it swung around the corner on Occidental.  I was excited to be able to participate in the songs and chants again.

We stayed with the Emerald City Supporters on past the stadium for a while, and then returned to the north end, where the band, Sound Wave, was entertaining the arriving fans. 

In the background you can see the brand new condominium building now situated in what used to be the north parking lot. It is encased in mirror glass and reflects the sky and the stadium.

We went in through the security gates and began the climb to the third tier up the ramp.  I can do that now and it's good exercise. And the band played on.
 Up at the top, we looked out over the area where Bertha is stuck underground in our own version of the Big Dig, out beyond that to the freight docks, and beyond that to the squall that was coming in over the sound.
 There are good views up here.
 Rain was eminent. 
 But we did have time to walk around a bit and take in the perspective from the platform where the 12th Man flag is raised for the Seahawks.  The Sounders flag flies without ceremony.
The rain hit just before first kick.  We were happy to be under cover, but with swirling winds we did get some rain blowing in.  I was happy to be dressed in my rain pants and jacket.

It turned out to be a tough loss for the Sounders and us supporters, with a tie breaking goal by Columbus in extra time in the final 94th minute.  When we did that to Kansas City a few weeks ago it was great, but when it happens to your team, it hurts.

But I had a great day and I had fun and I didn't let the loss spoil my mood.

And now today I see a little sun shine! Is it time for walkies?


  1. Your pictures with the phone are wonderful. Are you using HDR or just regular? I notice that HDR is best for lots of sky detail. Sorry about the loss. I watched the goal being scored on the sports news. I thought of you and commiserated. :-)

  2. it's good you enjoy life despite a little rain!

  3. This is quite the place. I am amazed at what the iPhone can do. These are really good detail. I wish all of this could have resulted in a win. It is great that you can do all that walking. Really great.

  4. Interesting how the various skies were reflected on that building. Gave the photos an added dimension.
    I guess soccer can be played in the rain. Might be another reason it is big in your area.
    So sorry for the OT loss. They are the worst.

  5. Your phone takes great photos. I love seeing what is going on in my son's new city.

  6. We need to have exiting times when we go out and let off steam. Good for you for getting out.

  7. Have iphone, will travel. You need to have a business card.

  8. Saw only one photo on my screen, all the rest blank. David doesn't think Road Runner is at fault. We will try to put up Internet Explorer 11. Maybe that will help.


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