Monday, February 2, 2015

Blue Monday

All during the football season, the Friday before each game is Blue Friday, when we wear our team colors and celebrate the Seahawks.

Today is blue Monday, but we are not celebrating.  We lost. 
We were geared up and excited before the game.  Facebook was full of photos of our friends in similar garb and gatherings. 
Irene watched the Puppy Bowl on the TV in the kitchen during the first half. She was glued in to the Katie Perry halftime performance.

We all sat, and stood, and cheered, and fretted during the ups and downs of the second half, as the Seahawks, up by 10, saw the Patriots come back with two touchdowns to lead 24-28.  But hey, we still had two minutes left!  And after a miraculous catch on a long pass, we were on the 5 yard line with over 30 seconds to go.  Marshawn Lynch ran it to the one yard line. 20 seconds left. A short pass by Wilson just arrived into the hands of his receiver on the goal line when the receiver was hit, the ball bounced out of his hands and into the hands of the Patriots defender.  Interception. Game over.

We had barely calmed down from the euphoria of that catch and the knowledge that we could win, when we were plunged into the despair of loss. 
 The kids left in tears, no afterparty for us.  Tom and I settled into our chairs, watched TV and ate ice cream and cookies by ourselves. It was midnight before we got to sleep.

I thought I was fine, until I woke up at 1:45 with my mind replaying that last play over and over again.  It was a restless night. 

For those of you who don't follow sports teams, you will be thinking that you spare yourself a lot of grief and stress.  But then you need to know about all of the fun and good times to be had by following your team.  Once again the Seahawks saw us through another dreary January.  It's February!  In fact, it's Groundhog's Day!

There are no shadows here.  Fittingly on this blue Monday, it's raining.
But the sun may come out this afternoon.  We'll go for a walk.  We have to walk off the comfort food we indulged in last night.

And now I'll go clean the pantry.  Life goes on. 

And the Sounders soccer season starts in five weeks!


  1. Deflated---so true.
    It was a good game though but still...........................

  2. Well, it was a heartbreaker for sure made worse by the unbelievable catch that seemed to ensure a win. And from the jaws of terrible play brought defeat. I feel the pain!!
    Hopefully a lesson will be learned. Do you remember many, many years ago when a game was lost because of a last play that could have been a non-issue. That caused the now 'snap and kneel' thereby letting the clock run out without any formal play.
    So I am predicting that what happened yesterday will never happen again. There will be NO passing on the one yard has been called the worst play in football history!
    But how about that miraculous catch seconds before...I hope he gets his due praise not to be overshadowed by the stupid play!!!
    You can tell I was paying attention!
    I wasn't fond of the national anthem rendition. Why is it that people don't sing the correct music? Bring on 'America the Beautiful"!

  3. I thought of you all during the game. I knew you would be upset over the loss. I enjoyed watching the game. It was good not to have an emotional investment in it.

    There is always next year...

    That is the refrain that is being sung in Bronco country.

  4. I'm sure you were sorely disappointed. I didn't have a particular team to root for, but the game was quite something with all its ups and downs! Maybe next year they will be back again. A great team, just a twist of fate.

  5. Football holds no attraction for me at all, but I know that there were happy people back home. There were happy people around here, too. They all had Boston accents.

  6. Life goes on until next year when you can do it all over again. I'm not a sports fan but I completely understand why people like sports.

  7. I was pretty devastated myself, but I didn't cry about it. However, when I woke this morning, my first thought was "oh, that interception!" I sure wish there were do-overs. :-)

  8. So sorry for your pain. i didn't actually watch the game, though I did watch the halftime show with my grandchildren. My husband said it was exciting though. Looks like the sky was crying for you today.

  9. I don't follow sports but have enjoyed the enthusiasm that your family had for your Hawks. I thought about you during the game and knew you would be sad. I was pulling for them..... Sorry....

  10. I was at a Superbowl party last night where everybody was a Seahawks fan. I could commiserate with them since we lived in Chicago for 35 years and followed the Cubs. Sigh...

    We're feeling for you Linda and Tom.

  11. Well, David was happy...
    and of course, I was not.

  12. there's always a winner and a loser in sports...

  13. I felt so sorry for you and all Hawk supporters as that ball found the wrong hands. Games had been magically pulled out before and it looked like this would happen again.
    The plus is that they played a great, exciting game and while they missed the big one by inches,they still gave you a great season full of highs. They are still heroes of the gridiron.

  14. Sorry your team lost. We didn't I am not sure exactly what happened. Not everyone can win. We will watch The Frozen Four in a few weeks...that is the Super Bowl of Hockey:)

  15. Oh Linda I have the funniest thing to tell you. I put birds on my blog today for Wild Bird Wednesday
    and all was fine all day until tonight when I checked the blog to see if I had any more comments and lo and behold there staring at me instead of some Pine Siskins was your kitchen ceiling. I could not figure how it got there so I rebooted and my birds were back and your kitchen was back at your house. Just strange. MB

  16. A disappointment to be sure. Oh well, there's always next year, right?


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