Saturday, February 14, 2015

NWFG Show: Part 3

Lighting definitely added drama to this garden, a steampunk lark with industrialized, mechanized funk.  And gorgeous plants too. 

Dan Robinson knows bonsai, and is a master at recreating scenes from the wild where he finds contorted specimens in nature. 

Winter blooming, fragrant Edgeworthia was the "it" plant of the show this year.  It is actually in bloom right now in winter gardens in our region. ↓

 Al fresco dining ....

 ..... and showering in this fun garden display.

 This year the orchid display was moved from tables and benches to a landscape all its own. 

We go from bright to silvery white and moonlight in the next landscape. 

 Then color pops in the light of the moon. 

More color here in flowers and glass and pottery in an elegant terrace setting. 

 Less color and less formality in the understated elegance of this beautifully crafted structure. 

"The Birds Do It....The Bees Do It" is the title of perhaps my favorite garden, where insect homes abound in these cleverly crafted hidey-holes. 

 The plant combinations are wonderful too. 

 We loved this faux bois (fake wood) bench. ↓
 And finally, this landscape was ready for the wedding to begin in front of this wonderful waterfall.

While that concludes the large display gardens, it hardly ends the show.  There are still the small displays and over 300 vendors in the Market Place. 

More to come.


  1. Excellent closeup of the faux bois bench. Good photos of the moon garden too. I got some very similar photos with just slightly different angles.

  2. Just wonderful!! Again, thanks for allowing me to visit the Flower Show from across the world. :-)

  3. I love that table setting. Such pretty china and glassware.

  4. impressive to see all the colors and blooms!

  5. Wow, that place is mesmerizing. One could spend days there and not see everything. I keep thinking I will make orchard bee nest holes but am afraid wasps will find them attractive. Maybe someday.

  6. Birds do it was one of my faves too! Steam punk was very cool & I'd love to have that structure in my garden if there were space for it!

  7. So much to look at. I enjoyed seeing the flowers:)

  8. What an awesome garden show. I'd be wandering around there forever. Thank you so much for posting such gorgeous photos.


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