Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Rain Stopped!

It's late Tuesday afternoon and the sun is shining! It's 53° and almost spring like.  Things are growing!
The bulbs are coming up.
 New primroses in the pots and former pot primroses now in the ground are blooming.

 Potted pansies have survived the winter and are beginning to take off. 
 There is an early bloom on the viburnum burkwoodii. 
 The daphne odora is right on time.  I picked a few sprigs to bring into the house so we can enjoy the fragrance. 

 The first hellebore flower opened.
 More are coming.
 Tom's little collection of hardy cyclamen are blooming and spreading. 
 It won't be long now until the marsh marigolds will be covered with blooms. 
 The snowdrops are waning, beaten down by rain, not snow. 
 The witch hazel is in full flower. 
Tom and I have been able to get out for our walks each day too.

On Sunday, while it was raining, I finally got my sewing machine out.  It has been over a year since I sewed anything.  I looked through my scrap box and found enough fabric to make a little Valentine table topper. 
 I am not a quilter, but I put on my walking foot to quilt this piece by stitching in the ditch, where pieces are joined together.  Then, with  limited success, I tried a little free form quilting.  It could be better, but it looks fine on my kitchen table.
Fresh flowers from the grocery store and a bit of color on the table brighten even the dull days. 


  1. Spring! Yay! Love your little table topper. You did a great job! The stitching looks just fine! Maybe you'll try something else, now. Small projects are lots of fun.

  2. Hey, 53 and we'd think we had summer! Looks beautiful.

  3. Very nice table topper! Enjoy your "spring."

  4. Your table topper is perfectly gorgeous, Linda.

    Ummm... spring flowers are coming up? Does this mean we'll miss the tulips at Skagit Valley completely this time?

  5. It's so nice to see what is happening at home. I'm ready to come home, and your pictures make me realize how much I've become a Pacific Northwesterner! Beautiful pictures! We had a huge storm here yesterday, but today is better. :-)

  6. Love these warm winter temps! Your table topper is beautiful and looks great with the flowers you chose!

  7. Yes, very colorful and cheerful, indeed.

  8. Perfect Valentine project and it looks so at home with the flowers on your table.
    I love your springtime pictures! I will get to see some spring in May when I get back to VT.

  9. how creative and springlike...we have 70 degrees and wonder if the cold will return-it's too early this year. WE NEED RAIN!

  10. All that green and new growth is enough to give the gardener in me an itch. We are months away here but it is nice to see what will be.

  11. Love your quilt patch. The early flowers often get a surprise freeze that nips them in the bud. Hope that doesn't happen to these.

  12. What a lovely patch of flowers and path of quilting. I only sew to mend these days. I should be more productive.

  13. Such beautiful Primroses! It is nice to see green grass and flowers blooming:)

  14. I love the little table topper. It looks so pretty with the bright pink and yellow flowers.


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