Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Part 1

This show, the second largest garden show of its kind in the country, is held annually in February in the Seattle Convention Center.  Tom and I have only missed two in the over 25 years it has been running.  It is a highlight of our winter, partly because it plunges us into spring way ahead of schedule. 

Can't you just smell those hyacinths?  We certainly could!

This was the display garden in the atrium/lobby. 
 I thought I would just overpower you with flowers right at the start.  This year's theme was "Romance Blossoms" and several large local greenhouse nurseries were contracted to grow and force into bloom an abundance of blossoms for this years. show.

Also in the atrium was the flower arrangement competition entries from local florists. Here are a few of my favorites. 
 Just a detail from a Safeway entry full of flowers and food.
 This is a "wedding cake", covered with moss and lichen and sedums and exotic flowers. 
 Would you like a slice? Yes, that's dirt. 
 A beautiful butterfly tree underplanted with log pots of posies. 

 Also in the atrium was this huge heart made out of sedums!

And we're not even in the door of the show yet.  Tickets, please. 

More to come.  Next, the display gardens.


  1. And here I am in Turkey, far from the Garden Show. Thanks for being there so I can visit it virtually. Unfortunately, I'm too far away to smell it, though. :-)

  2. So many great things to see at the show! The return to more color was fun and I LOVED the new location of the ticket area. It made so much more sense than how they did it before which I found frustrating!

  3. My jaw dropped when I got to the end of your post and learned you had not even gone into the show at that point!! LOVE the butterfly tree.

  4. That dirt cake looked so realistic. Great shots.

  5. You got some good shots of those floral arrangements, not an easy feat. Every time I've been there to take pictures, the back-glow from the natural light outside the windows (I won't call it sunshine) has made it hard to get good pictures. I loved that wedding cake! Looking forward to more of your pictures from the show.

  6. Great smell and color for this time of year. You will also find a new variety or two.

  7. I'll pass on a slice of the dirt cake though it is clever.
    What color and beauty. It makes me long for Spring.

  8. Thank you for the trip up through the ticket line. I look forward to seeing every little thing you spied.

  9. Oh my gosh! What incredible displays! I can't get over the creativity of all these garden designers.

  10. There are some talented designers. I liked the dirt cake too and the Sedum heart...wonderful:)


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