Thursday, February 5, 2015

City Trek

I wish my header reflected the weather we are having now, but alas, it does not.  We are in a dreary period, with dark skies and light rain off and on, and temps in the 50's.  The worst of the Pineapple Express is hitting south of us, in California and Oregon, but our mountain snow is melting and our rivers are full.

Here at the homestead, I have finished cleaning the pantry and the china closet, so I can officially declare the kitchen project done.  I'm moving on.

Yesterday Tom spent all day at Jill's house, monitoring a plumbing fix.  The water line from the public main into the house sprung a leak. We finally discovered what had caused Jill's water bill to jump last month.  The plumbing company was digging a very expensive hole in the ground. 

I have been keeping up with my walking and my 10,000 steps a day, but my legs are getting tired.  I have also called up my document file on my desk top that contains my memoir.  I started it a year ago, when I was recovering from back surgery.  I stopped writing in the summer, and then picked it back up again for a while in the fall.  I'm ready to resume writing.  So far I am still reading the 100 pages I have written so far, and doing some editing.  I am finding my life story surprisingly interesting and fun to read! 

Today we ran away from home.  We had some gifts to exchange/return at the Seattle Team Store. so we took the light rail into the city and made an excursion out of it.
 It will be only about four weeks now before we will be walking these streets as we march to our opening Sounders soccer match.
 What with the big plumbing bill that we plan to help pay for, we are limiting our spending.  We already have money loaded on our rail passes and on our Starbucks cards, so we used the rail to get from Pioneer Square to Westlake and then walked down to the Public Market, where we had lunch at one of our favorite Starbucks, across the street from the market entrance.

 The fish weren't flying but they looked fresh and silvery. 
 The cookie case reflected the passersby, and its contents temped me. 
 These intricate little creations are made of clay.  What beautiful little gems these miniaturize flowers were.
 And these lovelies are the real thing.

 Through the market window Elliot Bay was a study in gray.
 Across the street Beechers Cheese Company was making a new batch of Flagship Cheddar. 

 More temptations - mini cheese cakes. 

 Post alley was very quiet on this dreary day. 

 But the fruits and vegetables added splashes of color. 

 We stopped at this umbrella store before heading back up the hill to the train station.  It had threatened rain all day, but whenever we were out in the open, the rain held off, so we never needed the umbrellas we carried with us. 
It was fun to get away.


  1. That market looks like so much fun. I love the clay flowers and the umbrella store--which sounds quite needed right now in your area.

  2. Oh look at that market! That is why I love the Pacific Northwest. We never see produce like that, or flowers.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Jill's leak. It reminded me of what happened to me just weeks after my 1st husband left me with five kids and no support. A leak between the house and the sidewalk was discovered after a large water bill just as the ground was thawing after one of the worst winters for snow ever. It also had rained for days. Mud was everywhere. My father paid the bill to have the hole dug and fix the leak. I had no money. We did not know that the fee did not include filling the hole in. Guess what I did for the next three days in the driving rain? I shoveled and swore and called my ex all kinds of names with each slinging of mud off my shovel. No one helped me. My parents lived in another state. I just shoveled mud and swore. It helped. It took out a lot of anger. It also showed me that I was stronger than I thought. That was 35 years ago, but I remember it clearly.

    I guess I should write my memoir too.

  3. You found beautiful things to photograph on a dreary day!
    Hope the leak is fixed...anytime you have to dig stuff up it is a pain in the neck and expensive:(

  4. Beautiful pictures...I would so love to shop there.

  5. Great shots of the market, one of my favorite places in the city.

  6. I have never been to Seattle. Looks nice.

  7. I love that market and when I visited I was so jealous of all the choices in EVERYTHING! Lucky you.

  8. I haven't had breakfast yet this morning, so the foods at Pike Market looked even more appealing than usual! Thank you for the tour of the market. I love that place.

  9. Fantastic pictures, as usual, Linda. I enjoy going to Seattle with you probably as much as when I go myself. Your pictures inspire me to visit the market again. You have a great camera eye. :-)

  10. Seems like you two make every day special. The pictures are just beautiful. Prettiest market I've ever seen. I've been meaning to tell you how much I like your header. One of these days I will figure out how to change something on my blog.

  11. Your post made my cold gray day better!

  12. looks like a fun the spring flowers and colorful veggies...

  13. Doggone the leak! We've had that happen and it's an expensive fix.

    Mom was really enchanted with Pikes Place Market. We'll definitely be making a stop there again. She loved seeing all the flowers there.


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