Thursday, February 19, 2015

Home Projects

I don't usually garden in January and February.  After all, it is winter. Tom gets out in the yard and does the pruning of fruit trees and shrubs while I work on inside projects and putter about.

However this winter isn't really happening - winter, that is. It has been warm and mild and everything is starting to grow.  Tom said there was a lot that needed to be done out there in the yard and when I got to looking, I saw that he was right.  So I have been cleaning outside.

I have spent most afternoons of the last week crawling around on my hands and knees, cleaning out the flower and shrub beds.  Now it's looking good out there.
 Bulbs are coming up.  Mini-daffodils are blooming. I'll wait until the first of March to prune the roses. 
Yes, we finished it all off with Tom getting the lawn mowed. 

 Trillium are popping up. 

 By June you won't be able to see the ground here.

We had an inside project too. We finally decided it was time, way past time actually, to buy a new mattress set. Our old king size Sealy Posturepedic was 45 years old. I had been putting it off because today's mattresses are so high off the floor and I didn't want to lose my headboard or have to buy new bed coverings and window treatments, since they all match and had been replaced not that long ago. 

Friday before Tom left for the Rockaway work weekend, we went mattress shopping.  We purchased a firm Beautyrest with a low profile box spring, and scheduled delivery for this Wednesday. 

Monday morning, President's Day, I went to JC Penny's and bought new sheets and pillows, saving about 60%.  Thanks, George and Abe. 

Wednesday morning we took apart the old bedding and cleaned and were ready when the delivery guys arrived just before 11:00.
To prepare for getting the mattresses up and down the stairs, I had removed all of the family photos that line the stairwell. 

 Now everything is back in place.

The bed coverings work fine - I just hemmed the bed skirt up an inch the night before - and all is looking settled again.
And we had a very good night's sleep on our new mattress.  Comfy!

We are running away for a long weekend tomorrow. I'll tell you all about it when I get back. 


  1. It is hard to believe how much spring has visited your yard. I loved seeing the daffodils. They are my favorites.

    Your bedroom looks very nice. You will be glad to have a new mattress. Sweet dreams. Also, have a nice get away.

  2. I'll bet it feels great to have the plants popping up and a new mattress to sleep on. Ours is about the same vintage.

  3. I dread having to make a decision on replacing our mattress someday. We have the hardest time getting a king sized mattress upstairs. I'm glad everything is all done for you and looking so wonderful!

  4. wow, beautiful pathway filled with eye-refreshing greens. i would like to take some rest there :)

  5. Your garden and bedroom look very nice.

  6. It's really beautiful in our part of the world right now. I feel bad when I read about the sub-zero temperatures than many are experiencing. Love your pretty new bed! :-)

  7. I love the arrangement of pictures in the stairwell. You home is beautiful and spotless. Makes we want to get the dusting cloth out again! Your yard reminds me of spring, very pretty!

  8. The garden looks so tidy now! I'm making slow progress on mine. Earlier in the week was great weather for it, but I had a cold. It will all get done eventually. Congrats on getting a new mattress! I need a good quality firm one for my back.

  9. Wow! Sure is unlike New England this year.

    I can see that getting a new mattress was a great deal of work! I keep hearing this ad on the radio about getting a new mattress every 7 or 8 years. I guess I an due then!

  10. spring is here too, our daffodils have bloomed and!

  11. Hope this early spring doesn't foretell a hot summer. Nice to see someone digging in the dirt in Feb.
    Can not believe your mattress lasted 45 years. Today's tend to self destruct in about 7 years, 10 years at the most regardless of warranties.
    That was quite a chore taking all those pictures down and putting them back.
    Happy sleeping.

  12. How pretty! That must be so nice to have a new bed.

    I love all of your old pictures, and hope that you had a great time on your get away.


    Kathy M.

  13. Your garden is looking great, all tidied up and ready for summer! This early spring is delightful and I'm trying not to think of the ramifications this dry weather may have on the summer to come.


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