Monday, February 16, 2015

NWFG Show: Part 5

If you are still with me, congratulations!  This is the final installment!

The Market Place, as I stated in the last post, features a wide range of garden related, or barely garden related, merchandise. There are also informational booths, and all of the local public gardens were represented.  It was fun to tick off all the ones we have visited, which was almost all of them, of course.

We did buy a couple of things, and I'll point out a few as I show you some of the fun stuff for sale.
Bob Bowling makes the most wonderful little garden sheds out of recycled materials.

I guess this is where that peacock in the garden display came from.  Really fum metal creatures here.
These are fun but not so friendly!
I bought one of those dragonflies made out of spoon handles, balancing on the bowl of the spoon. 

There were plants for sale, of course. 

These enameled metal birds were wonderful!
And the bronze sculptures were charming. 

You could buy clothes for your next garden party. 

How about a waterfall for your garden? Mark will build it for you.

I have purchased rusty birds from this vendor before.  I bought more. 
Here are mine. 

A newer addition to the show is the vintage market, full of fun old stuff. 
Look inside this old travel trailer.

 I loved this Mexican pottery.  I bought the sun face on the top left. 
 It's inside right now, but it will go on the outside wall of the house later in the season. 

 We look forward to visiting Christianson's Nursery in the Skagit Valley when we go to see the tulip fields. ↓
 And a collection of conifers contributes color without blooms.  
I bought this little wall pocket just because I liked it.  i have no idea where it will end up.
But I can tell you that this is THE END!


  1. I love those enameled birds and the sun face you bought.
    The trailer looked splendid inside.

  2. Love your new ceramic wall pocket, and the Talavera sun. I don't remember seeing the enameled birds. How fun to see inside the travel trailer, I neglected to check it out. I sometimes wish I had more of a sense of style, and could wear some of those frilly clothes. But I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal.

  3. I would buy those rusty birds if I ever saw them on offer. That was a spectacular garden show and I thank you for sharing it.

  4. Really like the sun and your rusty birds. Great stuff. Got some ideas from your photos for spiffing up my little condo patio. thanks.

  5. Everybody sees the Garden Show just a little differently. Thanks to you, Alison, the Outlaw and other who post their great photos, I have a vicarious feeling of 'being there' through your eyes.

    What a treat.

  6. Linda, what a delightful place and so much to see! I would be in heaven to just get a chance to walk through and see everything, even if I didn't find something to buy.

  7. You bought some great things I am certain you will find homes for them all. I love my spoon dragonfly garden ornament it is fun to watch the birds land on it:)

  8. Since I missed the Flower Show this year, I really feel like I haven't missed it at all because of your wonderful blog, Linda. Thank you! :-)

  9. I could certainly use a walk through that place right now. I love the clothes for a garden party. It would be hard to pick out one thing to buy.

  10. Gracious! There were so many things to look at. I would have been tempted to get a lot of those glass and ceramic garden decorations, but I'm afraid they might get stolen.


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