Friday, February 13, 2015

NWFG Show: Part 2

The display gardens are large productions created by nurseries and garden designers in order to market their services.  The people in my circle don't hire designers.  Our gardening is personal and affordable on a middle class income.   We do get good ideas for outdoor living spaces, garden accents, and plants. 

But mostly we just enjoy!
Right through the entry door, we encountered this huge solid marble sphere being spun by water from a very powerful pump.
From there a flower bedecked stone path led to this waterfall.

Rusty steel container walls and a metal tree-gate were featured in the next garden, full of pastel pink and aqua tones. 

We liked the bed frame bench ↓

Good northwest plantings complemented this next outdoor living room.

This gabion wall, made of wire cages filled with rock, here featured additional texture, from wine bottles and a layer of soil, moss, and sedums. 

 Stage lighting added to the warmth of color in some gardens. 

Silly me.  I thought those were thrones in the back.  I found out later that it is supposed to be an interactive display and those are garden party gowns that you can pose behind.
 The bodices are a bit transparent for my taste. :-)

Pretty planters fenced off a display that was also a beverage "rest stop" cafe.

A rustic wooden gazebo and a metal stump were set off by gorgeous spring flowers in this garden.

 We love the delicate frittillarias. ↓

 One of my favorite color schemes - orange and purple and chartreuse!

That's enough for today.  The sun is shining and I need to get outside this afternoon and do some work in my own garden. 

More to come.


  1. Linda, a beautiful walk through the flowers and stones in the garden. Are the glass flowers at the end by Chihuli? He does a lot of glass design for gardens. All of your pictures were really clear and lovely.

  2. Some of these displays are highly artistic. I'd need a full time gardener to look after some of these displays.

  3. Linda, I am enjoying your photos from the garden show so much. We moved back to Canada last year and I'm so missing the opportunity to get an early start to spring by going to the garden show. Love your photos!

  4. I thought I would miss it this year, Linda, being so far away right now, but because of you, it feels like I'm right there! Thanks for the great pictures and I look forward to more. :-)

  5. Great photos! I love the delicate Fritillarias too, I need to plant lots more. I noticed that bed frame bench too!

  6. I LOVE garden shows, but haven't been to one in ages. I'm loving looking at your photos and seeing it vicariously.

  7. I, too, thought the gowns were thrones. Lol.

  8. i have seen pictures of your gardens. I don't think, between you and Tom, you have any need for a designer. Your own passion shines through.

  9. What gorgeous displays! I can almost smell the warm earth. I have a feeling I'll insist on going to the Portland, Maine flower show in March, after this rugged winter we're having.

  10. During the media preview of the gardens, our guide raved about the "recycled glass flowers" and their environmental friendliness. I remember thinking of you and Tom. You've been on the cutting edge all this time! With a garden as gorgeous as yours, who needs a designer?

  11. Such a treat to sit and look at your gorgeous photos as the temperature drops here. Thank you for this display.

  12. Just amazing! I don't think we have anything like it in Hawaii. I did love garden shows in Chicago, but they weren't anywhere as awesome as this. Your header photo is really fabulous too, by the way.


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