Sunday, February 15, 2015

NWFG Show: Part 4

The sky bridge connecting several large display halls in the convention center is the setting for smaller garden displays featuring container gardening. 

Besides display gardens, the Northwest Flower and Garden Show is a market place for over 300 vendors of plants and pottery and potting soil and pruners and everything in between. 
Here are some of the pretty ones in one small section.
 I love the pussy willow wreaths ↑ and the lovely hellebores. ↓
 Those squares are little green walls of plants. ↓

 Ravena Gardens always has the most beautiful displays. Look at these cool bud vase clusters. ↓

 I love glass in the garden, but these hand blown pieces are very expensive.  That's why we make our own repurposed glass flowers. 

 Dig Nursery is another vendor with a wonderful talent for display. ↑↓

 Such beautiful colors in the glass.


  1. I love the Skybridge displays, even better than the large display gardens. Great shot of yourself in the mirror, and then the one of the same mirror with Tom! I was so tempted by those orange bud vases at Ravenna.

  2. So many beautiful things to see at the show. Thanks for the memories of another show. I'd imagine that right now the tired vendors are pretty much packed up. I wonder how long it takes to dismantle the show gardens? I've heard that Sunday evening is a great time to dumpster dive as a lot of plants from the big gardens get tossed.

  3. I love the displays and especially the glass.

  4. That is/was some incredible show. I love the little gardens in the skywalk. Wish I could do something like that.

  5. What great ideas for container gardening. I need to do more of that.

  6. The Skybridge Displays are among my favorites because they focus on small details rather than a huge display of 'Plant material' and accoutrements that overwhelms my vision.

  7. These are such awesome photos, Linda. So those glass pieces are expensive, hunh? I should have known. They are so beautiful. They remind me of the Chihuly glass.


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