Friday, April 10, 2015

Bayview Farm and Garden

This nursery and farm store is just up the hill and down the road from our Whidbey Island cabin, so of course we visit there every time we stay at the cabin. This is what we saw there last week.

It will be awhile before the laburnum (golden chain tree) walk is in bloom.  It's worth a visit just to walk through it when it is.

With aloes and agave moved outside, they must be sure all danger of frost is passed. 

I do love huechera and huecherella foliage. 

I haven't seen these feathered friends here before. 

A colorful tower of tomato cages. 

What a gorgeous banana plant!

Fun with color.

Indoor plants.

Take a day and spent it on the island.  It's just a ferry ride away. (Well, depending on where you start out from, of course.)


  1. What a fun nursery visit. So colorful! I wish I'd known this was there a few years ago when we visited Whidbey. I really should take your cue and just hop in the car some morning, and spend the day there. It's a bit of a haul, but I bet I could do it.

  2. You find the most beautiful places to visit. It would be really hard to resist buying something from all these nurseries.

  3. A feast for the eyes, linda.

  4. What an awesome place! You posted some beautiful pictures of the plants and flowers.

  5. You have far more products in your garden centers than we have here. I guess you have many more potential customers so much bigger garden centers..

  6. We have had frost and temperatures in the mid-30s a couple of times during the past week. And I scraped ice on the car as well. Here I thought we were well past frost potential. I love the pretty garden center. Wish I were there with you! :-)

  7. Another great reason to visit Whidbey! I'd hoped to go up and see the tulips/visit nurseries this week (spring break for me) but the week has flown by and the luxury of having so many days to catch up with the garden (I'm still behind) has been wonderful.

  8. What a fun place to visit. It's so full of color and beauty.


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